Why an Elica Kitchen Hood?

Indian kitchens have transformed amazingly. From being just spaces to cook and serve, kitchens have moved on to become the heart of the home, where families interact, collaborate and celebrate. Hence, now kitchens and the kitchen design need to be extraordinarily welcoming.

To help you create exciting kitchen stories, Elica furnishes your modern kitchens with sleek and smooth, revolutionary kitchen appliances. Among the numerous radical kitchen solutions, one appliance from Elica that you certainly should own is a kitchen hood! Because to keep your kitchen smelling good and feeling fresh, you need an Elica kitchen hood. Harmonizing the feasibilities of a multifunctional space with contemporary design ideals, Elica is adding the ‘wow’ factor to the modern kitchen. Elica kitchen hood helps to get rid of combustion products, vapors, smoke, gases and heat from the air by evacuation.

Elica kitchen hoods are custom-made to be in sync with your cooking needs. Elica comprehends the importance of having a totally noise and odor-free cooking experience and hence has designed the superior kitchen hoods. The range of kitchen hoods offered by Elica are technologically brilliant. Without a doubt, Elica kitchen hoods are easily one of the most important appliances you can have in your home.

Exclusive, elegant and enticing, kitchen hoods presented by Elica operate very quietly, as they come equipped with the unique Elica Deep Silence System. The technology integrated in them is dedicated to provide you with a peaceful cooking experience. Every kitchen hood is equipped with an extractor fan that is so silent that you won’t hear it working even when it runs at a low speed. More importantly, the system reduces the levels of noise without compromising on the quality of performance. Elica’s kitchen hoods reduce the domestic noise pollution to a large extent. The user-friendly extractor hoods are tailored to match your cooking needs, are high performance and they easily elevate your cooking experience. All in all, every Elica kitchen hood is sensibly designed, manufactured and tested so as to take your kitchen experiences to smarter heights.

Elegant design, latest technology and the brand promise of Elica make these kitchen hoods a great investment. The smart kitchen hoods let you enjoy your cooking experiments and give you the liberty to be imaginative with your culinary style. Create a fresh, easy environment in your kitchen and say goodbye to unpleasant smells with Elica.

To browse through an interesting range of kitchen hoods, ranging from classical to filter less and wall mounted to built-in, visit the Elica India website today! Bring home the Elica advantage with kitchen hoods that impress and inspire. Cooking made fun with Elica – Shop now: www.elicaindia.com