Warmer Drawer- There’s a temperature for every dish

No matter how good the food is, if served cold, it loses that essence. Having a busy life, it is almost impossible to eat freshly made, hot food for every meal. Additionally, dinner timings of every family member, especially when there are children at your place, doesn’t match and more often than not, you end up waiting till late for them. Enjoying a nice, warm meal by yourself or with your family in this hectic routine has almost become a privilege. Enter warmer drawers by Elica.

A Warmer drawer is a kitchen appliance that keeps your food warm for you at the perfect temperature. While every dish has its own perfect temperature, the range between 40 degree Celsius to 80 degree Celsius suits most of the items. Even then, the question remains, is it a necessity?

Some may argue that microwave ovens have solved the problem. Put in your food in the oven and heat it in just a few minutes and it’s ready! Although it sounds simple, heating the food in the microwave cooks the food more, sometimes overcooking it and making it dry. While warmer drawer maintains the temperature of your dish without cooking it further, keeping it fresh and ready always. This makes it extremely useful, more so if your family is big or all the members have busy schedules.

Over holidays, family get-togethers, parties or guest visits, a warmer drawer is your saviour. With numerous people having numerous demands, it becomes hard to meet everyone’s expectations. On such occasions, warm food will immediately warm up even the hard-to-please members of your family.

Additionally, warmer drawers heat up multiple dishes at a time and you can even put your plate in it. Instead of leaving your food out to go cold and lose flavour, you can use them to keep your breakfast, lunch and dinner warm. Also, the warmer drawers fit perfectly into any kitchen design.

Warmer drawers by Elica come with best features and optimum designs that are just perfect for your kitchen. Their stainless steel body makes the warmer drawers durable and easy to clean. The touch screen feature further increases the simplicity of use. Visit our website to  explore exclusive options.