Traveler’s Guide to Eat Right

Travel and food are two things that are common interests around the world. Trying different cuisines as we go around the world and learning a thing or two while we explore the food and culture adds to our experience and knowledge of the land. What is preferred, however, is to know the basic etiquette and table manners of the country you are travelling to. We at Elica have put together a list of dining etiquette for countries around the world. Read on and you’ll be surprised by a few!!!

Slurp it Up!!!

In Japan, to show your appreciation for food, it is considered good manners to loudly slurp your food when eating noodles or soups. Further to this, crossing, licking or sticking your chopsticks vertically in a bowl are considered rude in Japan and many Asian countries, including China.

The Right Hand Way

In India, the middle east and some parts of Africa, eating with one’s left hand is considered extremely unhygienic and frowned upon.

Pay it Whole or Not at All

In France, it is the height of unsophistication when one offers to split the bill. You either pay the whole bill or wait for someone else to cover it. Whatever you do, do not offer to split.

Edible Cutlery

Also in France, Bread is considered as a cutlery to eat along with the fork. You either use a fork and a knife or fork and bread. Once done, the bread belongs to the table or tablecloth.

Do Not Touch!!!

In Chile and Brazil, touching your food is considered ill-mannered. Everything from burgers to fries is eaten with a fork and knife. It’s difficult to gauge how they do it without completely breaking the burger up though.

Belch All You Want!!!

In China, as an appreciative gesture towards the food and the chef, belching goes a long way. Also, making a mess around the table tells them you love the food. Leaving a bit of food on your plate serves to tell them that they have served you enough food.

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