Things You Must Teach Your Children In & Around the Kitchen

Kids are born scientists. The focus and curiosity they display towards learning new things is unparalleled and magical to see. As parents, we want the best for our kids in every aspect from academics to sports to their social life. What we do forget however, is how good our children are at looking after themselves.
We aren’t talking about camping and boy/girl scout here, but about their basic survival skills like cooking and feeding themselves when home alone or when we, as parents, are occupied and stressed with a workload that’s never ending.

At Elica, we have curated a list of things you can teach your children in and around the kitchen to make them independent and responsible-

How to operate a Built-in-microwave-oven

Start by teaching your kids the basics, like operating the kitchen appliances to help them reheat food or do simple cooking for those days they are back early from school or breakfast is late. A built-in-microwave-oven is the best device to teach your kids in the beginning as they can reheat the food to start with and then advance to cooking basic meals as they get more comfortable.

How to operate a Built-in-Dishwasher

Taking care of cleaning the dishes after having meals is one of the first things you must teach your kids and with a built-in-dishwasher, they can clean after themselves. This in turn will instill a sense of responsibility in them and this will also make them independent while taking the extra load off your shoulders.

How to use a Warmer Drawer

For those birthdays and house parties, your kids can easily keep the food in a warmer drawer to keep it warm for a long time before the party gets started.The warmer drawer is easy to use, operates on the touch of a button and takes little space in the kitchen.

These are just some basic kitchen appliances your kids can learn to use at an early age. As they grow, you can start teaching them how to use built-in-hobs, built-in-ovens, barbeque, fryer and for when they get older than 21, even the wine cooler.

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