The Kitchen Appliances You Absolutely Need!

The kitchen today is not just a place to cook, but a place to experiment, experience and explore. Cooking is no more a mundane chore, but an interesting art. To make sure you dish up some masterpieces, it is important to have the basic and advanced appliances at your service. Apart from making kitchen life comfortable, the modern kitchen appliances are important for adding an element of style to the cooking spaces. For example, owing to automation, the appliances from Elica offer a heightened ease of living, while the sleek, compact, built-in designs save more space in the kitchen.

Here is a list of the must-have appliances for your kitchen –

  • Built-in Hob –

The first and foremost appliance that a great kitchen needs is a sophisticated and functionally smart built-in hob. With diverse functionalities and features, a cooktop can make kitchen life easy and enjoyable. Moreover, a diverse range of cooktops from Elica give you the power of choice. Durability, cost effectiveness, advanced technology, safety, comfort – a cooktop from Elica can offer all that you desire.


  • Kitchen Hood –

For a kitchen that smells fresh and feels clean at all times, a kitchen hood is a must have. The extractor fan works brilliantly to gift you a peaceful and smoke-free cooking experience, whether you are grilling, steaming or frying. Going further, the innovative kitchen hoods from Elica come equipped with the unique Elica Deep Silence (EDS) technology that promises close to 30% noise reduction.

  • Microwave Oven –

Cooking is fun, but baking, grilling and reheating can take a toll on your mood. To make sure that you create interesting kitchen stories you need a good-quality, contemporary microwave oven. With different power levels and auto-cooking programs, built-in microwave ovens by Elica, offering smooth finishes, are a great investment for your kitchen.


  • Dishwasher –

Doing dishes every single day can be a tedious task. Especially after a party or a long day at work, dishes are a great hassle. Dishwashers, therefore, are a blessing. An Elica dishwasher with layered cutlery drawers, different wash programs and plate settings, can make your life so much easier. Moreover, the sleek, built-in version can ensure your kitchen looks clean, sparkling and spacious.

There are a variety of small appliances such as electric kettle, coffee maker, hand blender, food processor etc. that can find an important place in your kitchen. Whether you are starting over in your existing space or thinking of an expansion, discover important kitchen appliances with Elica. To bring home convenience and to make more space in the kitchen, visit