Store your Precious Wines Just Right!

Are you someone who takes great delight in a good glass of wine? Or someone who totally adores good design? Then we are absolutely sure you need Elica’s Wine Coolers.

Fine wine is a delight to all the senses. And so, wine connoisseurs are truly zealous about their wines. Their passion isn’t limited only to the way they consume their wines, but also how they store and delightfully let them age in their special Wine Coolers. Even if you can’t really tell the difference between Chardonnay and Merlot, we are sure the elegantly crafted Wine Coolers from Elica can get you interested.

Simply put, a Wine Cooler preserves the wine by keeping it at the right temperature, light conditions and humidity. In modified storage conditions in the Wine Cooler, the life of the wine is prolonged, and it maintains a natural flavor, aroma and texture. A stylish Wine Cooler is thus more than just an amazing piece of furniture in your décor. While adding charm to your interiors, the well-designed Wine Coolers from Elica takes care of your prized wine collection and keeps you happy!

There are several reasons why you need to invest in a good quality Wine Cooler. Now, your everyday fridge, with all your vegetables, fruits and dairy, can normally accommodate one wine bottle sluggishly. Multiple wine bottles hardly find enough breathing space in the typical fridge. Furthermore, the fluctuating internal temperature and changing levels of humidity, are a total no-no when storing your wine. A Wine Cooler thus comes to your rescue! The Wine Cooler makes sure your bottles are all kept at a constant suitable temperature and humidity level, in neat stacked rows, for perfect maintenance and easy retrieval.

Apart from their operational efficiency, Wine Coolers also make striking pieces at a home. Wine Coolers effortlessly win out in areas of robustness, performance, and upkeep, while being aesthetically appealing and sophisticated. Rightly sized, expertly crafted Wine Coolers make a distinct style statement and smoothly blend in in your room décor. Treat your guests to a wide-ranging mix of wines from your choicest collection with your Elica Wine Cooler.

With Elica’s free-standing and built-in Wine Coolers, you can smoothly up the coolness quotient of your spaces and keep your wines glittering fresh. The built-in Wine Cooler from Elica (EWC 92 S), with a net capacity of 92 L, pull-out beech wood shelves, touchpad controller, LED displayer, circulated fan cooling system with R600a is an asset worth owning. Likewise, the free-standing model (EWC 145 S) is a keeper with its net capacity of 145 L, 5 black wire shelves with wood trimmed at front and telescopic slider, touchpad controller, LED displayer, circulated fan cooling system with R600a and much more.

A Wine Cooler is thus the perfect accessory for your spectacular wine collection. Then why wait, uncork happiness with Elica and please the Oenophile in you.

Classy, convenient and cult – Elica’s Wine Coolers are everything you need!

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