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Elica Induction Cooktop – EPBI-E3: Cooking Innovation

The latest cooking  popularity has been getting the limelight even though the technology has been around for decades. Thanks to the demand driven market, induction Cooktops are available in a variety of price ranges with varied features. As a result, many eminent technology names have begun making induction Cooktop ranges to meet the customers’ interests. Elica’s Latest Offering… To meet the increasing demand of Cooktops, Elica India brings you a new series of induction cooktop….

Elica launches the Bianco range of kitchen appliances in India

White is a colour that features first on any designer’s palette; a colour with a myriad of hues and connotations. Now imagine a kitchen that’s in all white – clean, classy and chic. White décor and appliances in a kitchen add to the flow of the space, especially in a small kitchen. And additionally, the reflective properties of white appliances help make a space appear lighter and roomier.   An all white kitchen immediately brings…