5 Most Important Reasons for Kitchen Ventilation

A Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. This is where the food we eat is cooked. We all love a delicious yet healthy meal and one of the most important rules of a healthy meal is to keep one’s kitchen free of any pollution. We don’t realise during cooking what the fumes of food and oil are doing to the environment of the kitchen and how they might affect us.

Hence, ventilation becomes an important part of every kitchen.  At Elica , we have put together a list of reasons why kitchen ventilation is important and how you can make sure your kitchen is well ventilated.


A well ventilated kitchen protects you from unpleasant smells, dangerous gases like carbon monoxide and radon and irritating pollutants. A well ventilate kitchen with a good quality chimney can also prevent the occurrence of fungus and bad bacteria and protect you from allergies or any kind of breathing issues.

Neat and Dry

A good kitchen chimney also protects the kitchen from any sort of moisture that’d occur and stay in air, thus protecting the house and kitchen from insect infestation, peeling paint or moist walls. It also helps keep the oil away from the walls saving the hassle to clean oil stains and sticky walls.

Moreover, the electronic appliances and the furniture are also saved through organised ventilation.

Cost Saving

With all the excess oil fumes and other dangerous fumes being conveniently cleaned, your cost of cleaning the kitchen and painting and repainting is saved by two fold.

No more Sweating

Recall standing in the kitchen and sweating while cooking food so much that by the time the food is cooked you are too tired to eat? Well kitchen chimneys control the temperature in the kitchen so well, that you get to make a delectable meal without a drop of sweat. Finally, you can enjoy those meals with you family.

Good food, good life

Once you have controlled and negated the toxins in the air, all you get is healthy and delicious food which is free of any harmful odours, gases or chemicals that’d have otherwise been in the food if not for the chimney.

We hope this article inspires you to ventilate your kitchen. To check out our range of seamless and innovative kitchen chimneys, click here – https://www.elicaindia.com/Chimneys