Make your Kitchen look Richer!

Kitchens have evolved graciously to become the focal point of our homes. Kitchens are no more just spaces for cooking, but in the modern homes, they serve as elegant turfs for sharing memories and crafting kitchen stories.

Think investment

Look at your kitchen as an investment. Every penny that you spend in your kitchen design is worth a lot! Give it a chic look, so that all the time that you invest here, whether cooking, chatting or gossiping, promises maximum returns for your loved ones and enhances your kitchen decor.

Get organized

One of the most important advice that designers swear by – whether it’s your drawing room, your wardrobe or your kitchen, orderliness is imperative. Make distinct sections and store your essentials priority-wise. Keep it simple, yet stylish for crafting memorable kitchen stories!

Light it right

Believe it or not, but ceiling light fixtures are key to a well-functioning kitchen. Right from washing your vegetables to baking an elaborate cake, lights play an important role. Experiment with the lighting types, styles and intensities to strike the right balance and give guests some kitchen inspiration.

Ventilate more

Lingering odors can be upsetting. Have the right chimneys, open the windows and light some flameless candles to keep your kitchen smelling good and enhancing the kitchen decor.

Built-it in

Built-in appliances from Elica, such as ovens, hobs and microwave ovens, are perfect to give your kitchen the sophisticated look that you desire. The kitchen appliances smoothly blend in with your kitchen design, giving it an attractive and lasting finish.

Go with some simple tricks—from minimalistic design to appliance upgrades—to give your kitchen a fresh lease of life and make it look and feel more luxurious with Elica.