Kitchen Garden Ideas to Spice Up your Kitchen Life

We have all had those moments in our kitchen life when we decide a menu for the day and need to run to the market for certain vegetables and herbs we’ve run out of. This not only puts the mood off, but also increases the cooking time by hours. Our team has put together a list of ideas for you to make your own kitchen garden and never have a day of missing ingredients again.

Vines and Climbers make for a good start

Vegetables like cucumber, gourds, bitter melon, beans, vine tomatoes, Malabar spinach, peas, squashes, tomatoes, melons and pumpkins use space vertically and are grow abundantly. Use a trellis or a cage to support their growth and have a plentiful whenever you need them.

Colors make everything pleasant

Add colorful plants and vegetables to your kitchen garden in to give your kitchen a vibrant look besides adding to the nutrition value of your meals.

Plant your lettuce vertically

This idea will help with not only growing different leafy vegetables in limited space, but also give your kitchen a new and fresh look. All you need to do is pluck as much and when you need.

The Herbs

One doesn’t need all the herbs but just adding thyme, parsley, sage, mint, cilantro and oregano can do wonders for any meal. Growing them is as easy as getting a few small containers, a window box or hanging baskets. Herbs are a great candidate for your first foray into formal gardening. Try an English knot garden with your favourites and the best time to harvest them is early in the morning on a sunny day.

Just another Lemon Tree

Growing a lemon tree is a great idea to add to your kitchen garden as it will not only give a fresh and vibrant look to your kitchen décor but also save you a lot of effort buying lemons every time you need seasoning.

We hope these kitchen garden ideas help you make your own little farm in the kitchen and become a part of your kitchen stories with your friends. Once you have your kitchen garden set up, check a range of elegant kitchen appliances by ElicaIndia that you can use to cook your harvest in at –