Find the Perfect Hob for Your Kitchen!

Picturing an Indian kitchen without a gas hob is nearly impossible! With so many options available in kitchen appliances, especially from Elica, selecting the right fit is important to make your kitchen tasks quick and simple.

Whether you are a practiced chef or a zealous cook, living on your own or in a big family, it makes sense to choose a gas hob that matches your needs. Unsuitable kitchen appliances can hamper your cooking experience and the kitchen décor and kitchen design.

Quick tips for choosing the right hob for you

Type of hob

Freestanding cooktop or built-in hob is a choice you need to make. If you want to give your kitchen an elegant, smooth look and utilize the space efficiently, then opt for a hob from Elica India.

Hob size

Will your kitchen accommodate a square or a rectangle model? The size and shape of the hob should be decided after taking into consideration the required space. When entirely modifying the kitchen design, you can play around smartly and accordingly pick your kitchen appliances.

Number of burners

The number of burners available are 2,3,4 or more. Choose a model that befits your needs in terms of family size, space availability, kitchen décor, budget, efficiency etc. For example, a 2-burner cooktop can be right for a nuclear family or students, be light on the pocket and also serve as a kitchen inspiration for guests.

Material and heat controls

Stainless steel or glass, pick the hob that is suitable for your usage and maintenance routines. A gas hob should definitely have multiple heat controls to cook different foods at different temperature.

Elica is a brand that offers it all! Go ahead and choose from a range of kitchen appliances that will invariably take your kitchen design and cooking experience a notch higher. Find your cooking partner at