Elica’s Exclusive Range of Kitchen Hoods

The kitchen remains the most used room of the house across continents and generations, as food and cooking are inseparable parts of our lives. While we spend so much time in the kitchen, it is important to keep it sparkling clean, chic and state-of-the-art. You, thus, need pioneering and good-looking kitchen appliances to add the ‘wow’ factor to ordinary kitchens.

Elica, powered by innovation and excellence, continues to transform kitchens across the globe with radical products, especially contemporary kitchen hoods. Elica’s exclusive range of kitchen hoods is a complete solution for kitchens of different styles, sizes and kinds. With variations such as wall-mounted, island, ceiling, filter, EDS, Elica ensures that every kitchen gets the perfect fit. All these chimneys work to remove unwanted odors from the kitchen and to improve the quality of air. The cooking space is left odorless, fresh and wonderful. Elica’s kitchen hoods are thus, inevitable machines for the modern kitchens!

Elica’s INTERSTELLAR is a hi-life product that is worth your attention. The glass finish, back aspiration, LED light makes the product a great investment. Along with the latest technology, INTERSTELLAR also offers a rich, attractive look. Similarly, another model from Elica, SHINING, offers an iconic silhouette that resembles the shape of a lamp, making it a must-own kitchen appliance. SHINING accentuates all environments, from industrial to vintage, from classic to contemporary. NIKOLATESLA, too, is an exemplary buy – it is Elica’s first induction cooktop with a fully integrated air suction system. The central fan, a cooker hood integrated into the cooktop itself, guarantees high performance. CLOUD NINE, another breakthrough kitchen hood model from Elica, is characterised by high performance and a smooth, linear design. SPACE, FEEL, DRAFT, EMPTY SKY are few more models that demand special mention owing to their cult design and latest technology.

Explore the widest range of kitchen hoods from Elica right here at www.elica.in.