Elica MFC Plus Built in Hobs with QJC

Elica Introduces MFC Plus built in Hobs with QJC . QJC burners have 5 jets to give even and Blue flame. Burner . Burners are multi flame control that is the flame in inner burner can be controlled on sim and high position and the flame on the outer burner can be also controlled similarly, this gives better control of flame to prepare tadka & to cook on simm

MFC Plus
Elica MFC Plus Built in Hobs with QJC

er on the same burner. MFC plus Built in hobs have both Large and Medium burners with 5 jets-QJC, Large burner has 4.5 KW & Medium has 3.8 KW Wattage. All MFC plus hobs have Multi Flame control and have long lasting Brass Anodized Black Burners, Cast Iron grids and Radio control knobs to give a professional & attractive look. MFC Plus built in Hobs with QJC are designed to suit Indian cooking. Indian cooking is very peculiar where the temperature of oil is very important to make a perfect Tadka. Also to make a perfect Roti / Phulka/ Paratha/ Dosa requires right temperature and right flame, MFC plus built in hobs offer you the perfect flame control for all your cooking needs. MFC Plus burners are highly energy efficient and cook rapidly. All MFC plus built in hobs carry a warranty of one year. MFC plus range of Hobs are available in Black / White tempered glass and in 3 / 4/ 5 Burner combination.

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