Elica launches the Bianco range of kitchen appliances in India

White is a colour that features first on any designer’s palette; a colour with a myriad of hues and connotations. Now imagine a kitchen that’s in all white – clean, classy and chic. White décor and appliances in a kitchen add to the flow of the space, especially in a small kitchen. And additionally, the reflective properties of white appliances help make a space appear lighter and roomier.


kitchen hoodsAn all white kitchen immediately brings to mind a picture of being uncluttered, unfussy and un-chaotic. While designers have attempted a wide range of designs, styles and colours, an all white kitchen though most coveted for a vintage or retro feel, is often the most difficult to achieve. And this is usually because not all kitchen appliances come in white, especially the kitchen hob and kitchen hood. Which is why, Elica has now in India, launched the Bianco Series of built-in hobs and kitchen hoods. Bianco in Italian means white, the colour of divinity, wisdom, serenity, innocence and symbolises cleanliness.


The Bianco series of kitchen hoods has advanced feather touch controls and clean linear lines and the Bianco hobs are designed using white tempered glass and is available with multi-function anodized black brass or European burners and radio control knobs.


While the Elica collection of kitchen appliances leaves no stone unturned in pushing the boundaries of design or in revolutionizing the concept of what a kitchen hood and built-in-hob should do, they are a class apart in terms of aesthetics and performance. Elica’s Bianco range of kitchen appliances creates a stunning, futuristic look for modern homes.


Truly fans the flames of creativity and provides a breath of fresh air in form and function.

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