Elica Hi-Life Kitchen Appliances, to make your kitchen look more appealing

A kitchen is the heart of your home and has slowly become more of a living room than an enclosed space to prepare food. With the introduction of modern technology, you can make your kitchen more appealing than ever with kitchen hoods. It’s time to make your kitchen the centre of attention with Elica Hi-Life Kitchen Hoods.


Nikola Tesla is an innovative award-winning extractor hob. It is Elica’s first hob equipped with the most advanced technologies with a distinctive design. You have done it right when your kitchen is adorned with such beauty.

Check out Nikola Tesla’s detailed specs here,


Feel accommodates the principles of interactive design with emotion, the system which operates the suction and lighting electronically, simply by skimming over the large panels on the front of the enchanting hood. The sensor system toys with air and light with extreme ease and dexterity by simply touching the hood gently.

Check out the FEEL here, https://www.elicaindia.com/Chimneys/Wall-Mounted/80cm/FEEL


Interstellar mixes mirror-polished steel and 1150 glasses that make the product particularly precious, full of light and able to create a unique atmosphere. Interstellar is created to offer high technological index and design — values ​​that have always distinguished the Elica brand.

Have an insight on this ‘hanging beauty’ here, https://www.elicaindia.com/Chimneys/Hanging-Mounted/Interstellar/INTERSTELLAR


Cloud Nine is a hood for installation in a false ceiling. Cloud Nine is a discreet furnishing element that adapts to contemporary daily living in an ideal manner. This kitchen hood is characterized by high-performance levels that make it particularly suitable for large kitchens. The Cloud Nine draws out the smoke easily in spite of its height.

Check out CLOUD NINE here, https://www.elicaindia.com/Chimneys/Ceiling/CLOUDNINE/CLOUD-NINE


Sweet is a Kitchen hood which combines design, versatility and performance. Elegance with high-end Automation is enclosed in this Retro and Contemporary style hood. Sweet comes in Green, Orange, Copper, Cast Iron, Umber, Peltrox colours. Choose the desired the colour that matches your kitchen.

Check out SWEET in detail here, https://www.elicaindia.com/Chimneys/Wall-Mounted/85cm/SWEET


Thanks to the iconic contour that recalls the shape of a lamp, Shining with its perfect craftsmanship and automation, gives your kitchen a blend of vintage and contemporary look. Shining comes in Peltrox, Metal, Rust, Copper and Cast Iron finshes. Here’s a detailed insight on SHINING.

Check it out. https://www.elicaindia.com/Chimneys/Hanging-Mounted/Shining/SHINING

And this is not it! We have more in our stores. Visit us and find out kitchen hoods that describe your kitchen as you want them to. Have a look at the different designs of kitchen hoods in detail here – https://www.elicaindia.com/