Elica Deep Silence Technology for Exceptional Kitchenware

The kitchen is a wonderful place to be! It is here that you get together with your favorite people and bake, grill, steam, roast, boil and spend some quality time. And with the latest, up-to-the-minute kitchen appliances available today, the modern kitchen has become a fun place to craft exciting kitchen stories and spend quality time.

Elica, a leading name in kitchen hoods, ensures that the kitchen appliances it designs and manufactures offer tailored kitchen experiences to customers. Elica understands the importance of having an absolutely noise and odor-free cooking experience. Therefore, the range of kitchen hoods offered by Elica are designed using innovative technological solutions. The revolutionary products are optimized for lowering the noise levels and purifying the air that flows in the kitchen. The kitchen hoods from Elica are equipped with the exclusive Elica Deep Silence System. With about 30% noise reduction, the Elica Deep Silence-3 (EDS3) Technology provides 25% more suction. The 360-degree tornadic suction works like magic under all situations!

The technology integrated in the hoods is dedicated to providing a peaceful and healthy cooking experience. Noise and chaos disappear, and the kitchen becomes a powerful and welcoming place it ought to be. Every hood is equipped with an extractor fan, which is so silent that it’s impossible to hear it working at a low speed. More importantly, the system lowers the levels of noise without compromising on the quality of performance. Consequently, every kitchen hood from Elica is high performing, yet silent and stylish. Covered by an exclusive Elica patent, EDS3 betters the cooking experience, while also reducing the environmental impact.


Advanced materials and cutting-edge technology, pooled with continual research and experimentation keeps Elica way ahead in the future. Bring home the comfort, class and convenience of Elica today.

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