Elica Swirl Burner Hobs


Elica has been pioneer in introducing revolutionary technologies in Built in hobs  suitable for Indian cooking styles. This year Elica introduces Multi ring swirl burner, this burner is a medium size brass burner with multi ring flames. Since the multi ring swirl flame is evenly spread this burner is ideally suited for cooking Dosa’s, Chapattis ,Phulka’s, Roti’s , Tadka’s and any other Indian cuisine which requires even heating of the pan.

Elica’s Multi ring swirl burner utilizes the principle of swirling and mixing of air and gas for perfect combustion resulting in a perfect & evenly spread blue flame.

Elica’s Multi ring swirl burner is energy efficient and gives a wide range of power levels from maximum to sim position.

This burner is capable of running both on LPG and CNG gas with only change of jet. Elica’s Multi ring swirl burners are available in Brass and black finish.  Elica’s Multi ring swirl burners are  available in various models in built in hob.