Elica: Brand Spread

Celebrated for bringing sophistication into every kitchen, Elica needs no special introduction! The brand has continued to evolve and has made glamorous living an attainable dream for many lives across the globe. Using innovative design and technological solutions, Elica has gifted the world diverse products that are ultramodern and uber-stylish. Redefining cooking worldwide and adding the touch of glamour and elegance to traditional kitchens, Elica offers appliances that are extensive and exceptional.

  • The kitchen chimneys and hoods from Elica are absolutely beyond compare! Elica – World’s no.1 in kitchen chimneys – has transformed kitchens and made them sophisticated and smart with variants such as hanging, wall-mounted, island etc. The Elica Deep Silence (EDS) Technology has successfully modernized the industry!
  • Built-in hobs, built-in ovens, built-in microwave ovens, dishwashers, barbeques, fryers are some of the amazing built-in appliances from the house of Elica. Using Italian technology, all these appliances are crafted by expert technicians and product designers to make cooking a thoroughly enjoyable experience for seasoned as well as naive cooks. Saving energy, time and efforts, these masterpieces from Elica are must-haves in a contemporary kitchen.
  • Freestanding appliances such as cooktops and cooking ranges from Elica have evolved in designs, aesthetics and technology. Elica cooktops lend an international look to kitchens across the world, replacing the traditional kitchen settings. Cooking is a breeze with professional-quality ranges and cooktops that promise great performance, energy saving and convenience.

Cooking is no more just a monotonous household chore, but is a fun and creative experience. With more electronic appliances equipped with elaborate functions, Elica continues to make kitchens storehouses of luxury and beauty!