Easy Ways to Grill Like a Pro

From the appetizer to the dessert, grilling is one of the fastest, smartest and healthiest ways to cook. While grilling is a great way to make meals healthy, it is also an exciting way to pep up your cooking routine. Continually innovating, Elica is always making cooking fun by introducing elegant kitchen appliances that enhance your kitchen life and add charm to your kitchen décor. And so, Elica’s built-in barbeque is a treat for barbeque lovers.

Elica bring you tips that will make grilling your favorite for everything with your outdoor barbeque.

Get it Hot!

Preheating the barbeque is important to make the most of your cooking. A properly heated grill ensures that the grilling is perfect, the food does not stick, and the overall flavor is enhanced.

Marinate right

As the flavors seep in, marinating makes your food effortlessly flavorful. A good marinade makes foods tastier, juicier, and thus adds lusciousness to your delicacies. Also, some foods can dry out on the barbeque and hence marinating helps them to retain moisture.

Establish zones

When grilling on large surfaces and multiple food categories, allocate different zones for slow and fast cooking items. As needed, you can move the completely cooked foods to the cooler sections for optimum grilling and lowering the heat exposure.

Take it Slow

Grilling is an art and remember that art demands patience, persistence and practice. So, take it slow and low when grilling. On low temperatures, the heat distributes just right. Moreover, slow cooking techniques are great to achieve different flavor profiles.

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