Dishwashers to Your Rescue!

It is the season of house parties and celebrations! It is the perfect time of the year to invite your favorite people, cook some delicious meals and spend quality time with your loved ones. Cooking is fun, but does the after-party cleaning ruin your holiday mood? This is when a dishwasher comes to your rescue!

  • Dishwashers are superior cleaners

Your kitchen is home to many unwanted germs. To truly kill the germs off your dishes, you need to wash them with extremely hot water. Elica Dishwashers, with their intelligent design, can easily reach the high temperatures and remove the stubborn stains, leaving your tableware sterilized.

  • Dishwashers save time

After a long day at work, battling with crusty and tough breakfast and lunch plates can be a painful task. To add to it, your tiffin boxes can be tricky to wash. Dishwashers on the other hand can make your task easy. The modern dishwashers from Elica, with features so revolutionary, make your kitchen life breezy.

  • Dishwashers reduce stress

Believe it or not, but there is a direct connection between the pile of dirty utensils and your stress levels. The higher the pile, the more the stress. As the mess piles up, it is difficult to mentally and physical relax and almost impossible to craft interesting kitchen stories. A dishwasher makes it simpler to get rid of this stress by cleaning the dishes for you.

  • Dishwashers are safer

When using a dishwasher, there is less handling of the dishes than when washing in the sink. Minimum handling of your precious crockery and plates makes washing in a dishwasher safer and ensures less breakage.


  • Dishwashers are guest-friendly

If you are someone who loves to host family and friends often, a dishwasher is a must. Soiled dishes can be a daunting task with a lot of people in the house. A dishwasher is a savior and can help you maintain a clean and clutter-free kitchen and home. Just load, start and relax!

  • Dishwashers keep hands softer

Forget the wrinkles! Dishwashers ease your task of washing and keep your hands out of the cold/hot water. No more chipped nail color or unwanted cuts. Get a manicure done, focus on the other tasks and leave the dishes to the dishwasher.

All said and done, an Elica dishwasher is the perfect way to celebrate yourself. Gift yourself and your family an Elica dishwasher today! Elica dishwashers come with good place settings and programs to suit your individual washing needs. Choose from a range of dishwashers in freestanding, integrated and semi Integrated type. Elica dishwashers are safe, effective and most importantly they make life easier. Use them correctly and you will never have to worry about dirty dishes ever! Create exciting kitchen stories and give your kitchen décor a makeover with Elica. Visit: