Classy Living Made Easy

Redefining kitchens across the globe and adding elegance to more than a million lives, Elica prides itself on being the world leader in kitchen technology. For nearly four decades, Elica has brought together chic design and trailblazing technology to provide maximum efficiency and sophistication to every kitchen. Opting for uniqueness in design, high performance and low environmental impact, the kitchen hoods and chimneys from Elica are nothing short of perfect!

Elica, with its passion for enhancing lifestyles, has revolutionized the outmoded image of the kitchen hood, now making it an integrated design element. Knowledgeable product engineers, technicians, design experts and users come together to make sure that every product reflects innovativeness and exclusivity. Keeping the customer at the center of all business, the team at Elica makes sure that the customer demands of efficient suction capacity, electrical safety, low noise and high reliability, functional quality, great aesthetics, packaging quality etc. are positively met.

Bringing new air and freshness to the kitchen and every room of the house, “Aria Nuova” is the philosophy that accompanies Elica from the design to production. Adding value to a broad range of kitchen appliances, Elica offers state-of-the-art designs that are uber-stylish and exceedingly appealing. With local taste specific offerings that are enriched by Italian expertise and style, Elica continues to add life to the kitchens worldwide. Because rightly said, ‘The Kitchen is the Soul of the House’!

Well-designed, urbane, contemporary and inventive – Adding richness to the kitchen is easy and uncomplicated with Elica.