Choose what defines your style

Does your kitchen gets filled with smoke every now and then when you cook? Do you want to remodel or simply update the extractor hood for the very reason? Elica is the place you need to be at!

Hoods come in a variety of different material, designs and strength. Depending on the layout of your kitchen, cabinet and stove set-ups, you may need to find out a bit about the hoods in order to select the one you will be happy with. You must also keep in mind the primary purpose of a range hood, i.e. to control smoke, smell and temperature changes. Find the model that best suits your environment, your lifestyle and your approach to modern living.

The kitchen hood enhances the character of your kitchen and gives a new identity. It’s attractive appearance and quality buildup are capable of lifting your kitchen aesthetics single-handheld.

Here’s a wide range of installation options you can have as per your requirements:


Hoods are installed directly in your wall and are aligned with your kitchen’s pre-existing duct system for ventilation.


These hood feature a vent that connects to a duct in your ceiling, pulling dirty air up and out of your cooking space.


Whether your kitchen is rustic, classic or modern, a corner hoods will help you enjoy the perfect cooking experience without worrying about steam or odours.


These hoods can be perfectly integrated into any kitchen design. So, no matter what your preferences are, brushed steel, black or white, it will always fit-in perfectly.

Product by Elica are designed with the highest degree of care taken to choose the material, ensure safety and save electric consumption. They are easy-to-use, easy to install and are manufactured using cutting-edge technology. Elica kitchen hoods are designed to bring silence to the kitchen and create a pleasant cooking experience by keeping it smoke-free.