Chimney Cleaning Tips

Now an integral part of every India household, Chimneys enhance the whole look and feel of your kitchen along with protecting it from greasy and dirty walls! But, maintain them and keeping them clean is another ball game…

In Indian kitchens, the use of excessive spices and oil is a given! Apart from choosing the best chimney, one has to make sure that the grease inside the chimney wall does not accumulate and cause the blockage. Today, we give you the easiest ways to clean your kitchen chimney with the products available from your kitchen shelves!

These hacks are just what you need to save money on servicing and add to your list of “do-it-yourself”.

Use dishwashing liquid

It is the easiest and the most available product to clean your chimney filters. One simply has to remove the filters and rub the dishwashing liquid on it. Post that, immerse the filters in a bucket filled with hot water and let it sit for an hour or two. Once the time is done, all you have to do is scrub and clean them before inserting back in the chimney!

Baking soda is a wonder!

In recent times, baking soda has proven to be a wonder in the skin care industry along with many others. It is no more just for the sole use of your baking products. 2-3 spoons of this wonder ingredient added to the boiling water along with 2 cups of vinegar and 2-3 spoons of salt will do all the magic. Immerse your filters in the mixture for about an hour or two, post which all you need to do is remove and lightly scrub for a sparkling clean filter!

Paint thinners work as well!

Paint thinner works as the best remedy for stubborn stains on your chimney filter. If one does not get a paint thinner, it can easily be replaced with a nail polish remover. The process is simple – you need to soak a piece of cloth in the available ingredient and use it to scrub the chimney filters and its various parts. Once this is done, you simply need to rinse the filters in water and allow them to dry in sunlight before putting them back.

Use these methods once in a month to maintain a clean and
long-lasting kitchen chimney!