Built-in’s to Compliment Your Kitchen and Enhance Your Experience

Decluttering your kitchen is not just appealing to look at, but it can help you focus more on cooking and indulge in the experience. In a kitchen stocked full of cooking tools, equipment, and appliances, finding the free space to prepare a meal can be a frustrating experience. Built-ins save you an incredible amount of space and increase your storage making your kitchen look less cluttered and more elegant leaving you enough space for chopping and preparing ingredients.

Elica has at your disposal an exceptional collection of built-ins to give you an enhanced kitchen experience

Built-in Hobs: Built-in-hobs are installed on your kitchen counter by cutting off a part of it. The gas pipes and electrical wires are also well concealed lending it a seamless look. They are a great way to make your kitchen more sleek and stylish. However, they are also easier to clean and more comfortable to ignite making them a safer and hygienic alternative as well.

If you want a kitchen makeover, this is one of the most straightforward choices to make. It will give you ideas on how to slowly transform your kitchen from portable or countertop appliances to an artisan kitchen with built-in appliances, optimal for cooking elaborate meals and hosting larger groups of people. Some of these hobs have control knobs on the sides, which make it look quite modern.

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Built-in Microwaves: Can be fixed in your kitchen cabinets or walls, are one way to increase the amount of usable area on your kitchen counter. The front door is the only visible part of the microwave. Its sides, top and back, are recessed into the wall, and instead of occupying a space they become a part of the kitchen’s overall design. Built-in microwaves can also mount on the wall by slotting in between storage cabinets. With a matching door overlay, cabinet-mounted microwaves blend into the cabinet design.

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Built-in Ovens: If you want the flexibility of a cooking range but don’t have space for one, or worry it’ll be out of step with your sleek new kitchen unit, a built-in oven is a way to go.Built-in ovens are installed into kitchen units or fixed to cupboard doors.

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 Built Dishwasher: Getting the grease off the utensils after cooking an elaborate Indian affair can be the most daunting task. Dishwashers not only save homeowners time when cleaning up after meals, but they also use less water than washing dishes in the sink. Built-in dishwashers have more advanced features than independent models, such as multiple spray arms, specialised wash cycles and targeted sprays for hard-to-clean items like pans or baking dishes.

A built-in dishwasher fits beneath your countertop, flush to your kitchen cabinets. This provides a neat and tidy look, which is preferable. After you are done with the cooking, you can just leave it in your dishwasher to clean up your utensils while you enjoy a quiet family meal.

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Built-in Barbeque: There are multiple health benefits of cooking your food on the grill or barbeque vs the stove or oven. You consume less fat since less butter or oil is needed to glaze the ingredients compared to frying, grilled vegetables and meat retain more nutrition compared to boiling, barbeques also enhance the unique flavours of individual foods and spices and wrapping them in a tin foil will help keep moisture making the final dish more succulent.

Built-in barbeques are customisable to fit your barbeque usage. Drawers, burners and other accessories accent your grill making it more convenient to use.

If you wish to install a barbeque as part of an outdoor kitchen, a workspace can be built around it, which makes it easier to prep food and other ingredients outdoors without having to rush in and out.

Also, the unique configuration of a built-in grill is less likely to suffer damage because it is inserted into countertops, stone, brick or another material which serves to protect it from weather and other external factors.

The appearance of a built-in barbeque is artistically professional, sturdy and attractive addition to parties.

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 Built-in Fryer: A built-in fryer comes in handy and makes a great addition to meals especially when you are entertaining guests, and appetisers meals. Plus, those nights of entertaining when you wish to serve scrumptious Indian starters like Samosa and Vada and also pub style food like Chips, Onion Rings and Cheese Valls can be made how they are supposed to be- deeply fried.

It will take up considerably less amount of oil and fry food to perfect golden crispiness. The lid covers the fryer which leaves the kitchen stench free post-frying.

Built-in fryers fit into your kitchen tops, so you can custom fit them to keep them at a safe distance from children as well as convenient for you to use.

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