Bring Home an Oven and a Warmer Drawer today!

Need to defrost peas or bake the finest cake? An oven is what you absolutely need! Right from the simplest kitchen tasks to elaborate cooking expeditions, an oven is an investment that is worth every penny. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that microwave ovens are the modern-day genies that we increasingly rely on to craft exciting kitchen stories and cooking experiences.

Particularly, built-in ovens are just the right appliances that can make a big style statement for your contemporary kitchen. The smooth exterior, spacious interior cavity, stainless steel finish, dazzling glass and futuristic features of the newest ovens are bound to impress the most novice and even the most experienced cooks. You can just switch on the microwave oven and make gourmet level dishes instantly and hassle-free. Microwave ovens have lifted household convenience to a new level. They channel heat energy directly to the molecules inside food by radiation and help retain nutrients, cook quicker and make tough recipes ready within minutes. So, why say no to the very marvelous microwave oven?

Once you have made your favorite dishes, how do you ensure they stay warm and are ready-to-serve even after long periods? Though a microwave oven can help you reheat food, using the same appliance for everything can consume time and energy unnecessarily. While every minute is crucial when cooking, multitasking is the key. So, while you continue to cook using your microwave oven, a warmer drawer can take away all your heating and reheating worries. If you have a demanding life, entertain visitors regularly, have family members on varied schedules, warmer drawers will work wonders to enhance your everyday kitchen life. Spacious and elegant warmer drawers make waiting for guests easy! Keep your food at the optimum temperature and serve it warm as if just cooked and out of the oven using a warmer drawer.

If it is about giving your kitchen a new and sophisticated look, look no further than Elica. With kitchen appliances that are truly state-of the-art, Elica has revolutionized cooking and kitchen experiences. The seamlessly designed built-in ovens and warmer drawers from Elica blend in functionality and efficiency and brighten your kitchen décor effortlessly.

The EPBI WD 22L SS and EPBI WD 22L VETRO BK warmer drawers from Elica come with a stainless-steel finish and a temperature range from 40-80 Degrees. They have a height of 140mm, touch control operation and 6 setting temperatures. The EPBI WD 22L SS and EPBI WD 22L VETRO BK models have been extensively loved and appreciated for performance that is par excellence. Integrating Elica’s appliances such as kitchen hoods, cooktops, dishwashers, microwave ovens, warmer drawers into your kitchen décor can give it the refresh it needs and add a touch of brilliance.

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