Best of Both Worlds with Elica: Aesthetics and Efficiency

Several household machines help in day-to-day functions like cooking, cleaning, exercising, heating, filtering, etc. Among all these, the kitchen appliances bring an added value because these machines, big and small, are designed for convenience, comfort and charm. These devices are loved for several reasons – they make work easy, add luxury to kitchen life, help to create beautiful kitchen stories and add appeal to the kitchen’s look and feel.

Every homeowner yearns to have these uber-functional appliances at his or her service! Today, these machines aren’t extravagances, but basic necessities. The household appliances contribute a lot to the chic appearance of the home décor. So, what if the appliances work amazingly, but make your kitchen look cramped and unorganized, or they look great, but function at a sub-optimal level? You wouldn’t want either! Kitchen appliances should be visually pleasing and more importantly work efficiently, offering you the best of both worlds. That’s what Elica is all about!

Elica, with innovation at its core, ensures that your kitchen is replete with appliances that are new-age, efficient and aesthetic. There is no tradeoff between looks and performance when it comes to Elica kitchen appliances. Elica products are specially designed for a wonderful cooking experience and to help you save time and energy, while adding a distinct element to your kitchen décor.

Make your kitchen the centre of attention with Elica Hi-Life Kitchen Hoods. Happiness, joy and harmony of a family is created in the kitchen and is mirrored in the dining room. Therefore, every product is crafted keeping ‘you’ at the center!


An innovative award-winning extractor hob, Nikola Tesla, is designed by the revered Fabrizio Crisà. The distinctive design is complemented with the most advanced performance and technologies. Exemplified by strong lines and high-quality material, Nikola Tesla is a perfect combination of aesthetics and brilliance


The kitchen hoods from Elica come with the exclusive Elica Deep Silence Technology. With about 30% noise reduction, the Elica Deep Silence-3 (EDS3) Technology provides 25% more suction. The 360-degree tornadic suction not just helps to reduce noise level, but also ensures purification of air at all times. Silent, stylish and sophisticated – the EDS kitchen hoods are perfect for crafting memorable kitchen stories.


Entertaining guests or enjoying a late-night snack is easy with the built-in microwave ovens from Elica. The sleek design seamlessly integrates with your kitchen décor, keeping it spacious, luxurious and glamorous. Elica ensures that every microwave oven comes with different power levels and auto-cooking programs to help each one, young or old, to make the most of the interesting appliance.


Love your food served hot? Then the warm drawer from Elica is always at your service. With food warming and defrosting functions, the warm drawer can ensure that your kitchen is a place to create special recipes and memories. The different temperature setting levels, capacitive touch control, good temperature range and an admirable load bearing capacity makes the Elica warm drawer an asset in the truest sense. The EPBI WD 22L SS and EPBI WD 22L VETRO BK are indeed the products to watch out for!


The modern kitchen calls for modern appliances and so a dishwasher is a must-have in every kitchen. Designed with the best of technology, the Elica dishwashers are efficient and exciting kitchen machines. With layered cutlery drawers, different wash programs and plate settings, the appliance is styled in the ideal dimensions to ease your kitchen life, while also ensuring maximum space utilization.

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