Benefits of Kitchen Hoods for Small Kitchens

The first and foremost question that arises is that be it any type of kitchen, do you need kitchen hoods at all? Well, yes. Their use extends beyond helping keep your kitchen smelling good. The most important function of a chimney is to filter out the harmful substances from air, smoke, odour, and more. There are many more advantages of installing a kitchen hood in your home that you should know about before remodeling your kitchen.

Although they come with several pivotal functions, chimneys are usually the most ignored appliances when it comes to redoing a kitchen. Their need, however, is more in a smaller kitchen, especially if you are an avid cook. Lesser the area, lesser is the space for the gases, fumes and smells generated to dilute.

Let’s look at the benefits range kitchen hoods bring and the necessities they cover for a small kitchen.

Easy Breathing

Kitchen hoods remove all the smoke and odour from the kitchen helping clear the air. The pollutants are sucked in by a motorized fan and they are either discarded outside or filtered and re-circulated. Recirculation helps in cleaning the smoke and odours and blows the clean, filtered air back into the kitchen. This maintains the air-flow in the kitchen and eliminates the need of ducts and external exhausts.

No more odours, no more heat

Cooking, especially when it involves deep frying, can generate a lot of heat and odours that can be suffocating. The problem is increased in comparatively smaller kitchen as the air revolves around in lesser space. The chimneys draw out excessive heat and keep the kitchens pleasant smelling.

Comfortable cooking and easy maintenance

Cleaning up a small kitchen becomes easier when half the work is done by the chimney. Be it a gas or an electric cooktop, a kitchen hood makes its maintenance easy as it already absorbs the pollutants and gases that leave a stain. Same goes for the walls and ceiling of your beautiful kitchen. Moreover, with a clean and fresh kitchen, cooking is more fun and comfortable as well.

Adding to the aesthetics

Kitchen is the heart of any home. With kitchen hoods that blend in with the interiors and add to the beauty of your kitchen, you can now flaunt your home all you want.

Better Lighting

In addition to above mentioned benefits, the kitchen hoods provide subtle extra lighting to your kitchen. This enhances your cooking experience instantly as most of the times, the hoods are placed just above the cooking hobs and they make the space looks more pleasant. They make your kitchen counter look better and also helps during cleaning, as you can see more clearly. The small bulb in the chimneys, further, helps save electricity as it eliminates the need of putting on all the lights in your kitchen, especially at night.

Elica brings a vast range of kitchen hoods that can help you make the most out of your space and keep your kitchen clean and healthy. From chimneys that are fitted in the ceiling to the ones that make no noise to the chic and gorgeous kitchen hoods to compliment your kitchen, at Elica you can find just the one that your kitchen deserves!