Baking Tips

With the end of 2018 and while approaching 2019, one tends to indulge in a bit of gluttony! So, just before you start your resolutions of cutting sugar and being healthy, we give some of the best baking tips for your New Year’s party that are sure to leave your guests asking for more!

Even if you are not much of a baker and are giving the art of bakery a try for the first time, these tips are sure to put you at ease and get your hand set at the skill…

Tip 1 : Use Room-temperature ingredients.

Its an unignorable step! Many baked goods start by creaming butter and sugar together. Keeping your ingredients at a room temperature just makes this first step infinitely easier. Many world renown bakers often leave their eggs and butter out on the counter overnight to begin their process in the morning. It’s a tip even the best in the world can’t live without!

Tip 2 : Butter and flour with abundance.

Most recipes do not mention this because in the baking world buttering and flouring your pans with abundance is a given! Its not everyday that you eat or rather bake a cake, so let go of your inhibitions of controlling those calories and just smother your pan in butter!

Tip 3 : Complete each step fully and with patience.

Don’t go with “it all has to go in one bowl” attitude! You need to go through each step with patience and complete it in order to get a final product that is impeccably lip smacking! You definitely don’t want a lumpy batter that is baked and tastes odd! Pay special attention to when a recipe says “fold in gently”.

Tip 4 : Use salt!

If you are looking to cut down on the sodium bit for health then baking is definitely not the place to do so!  The half a spoon of salt put in a batch of cookies/ brownies will not make you go over your daily limit of salt intake.

Tip 5 : Choose recipes that are do-able!

Its fine to choose a recipe which does not ask to much of you! Baking is not about proving something its about enjoying the process and putting a smile on the face of people who eat your product. Choosing a simpler and easier recipe is just what you need for this new year!