Add the sheen with a Glass Cooktop

A kitchen without a splendid cooktop is just so incomplete. Well, the perfect cooktop can be the secret to most master chefs! A cooktop should be functionally smart, stress-free to use, easy to clean, safe and secure, and yes should add the ‘wow’ element to your kitchen décor.

With all this and more, a glass cooktop can be a twinkling bet. Glass cooktops by just their presence add vivacity, sophistication and class to your kitchen and invariably to your entire cooking experience.  Glass cooktops are truly state-of-the-art! The big thing favoring glass cooktops is their ultramodern look. Glass cooktops hide those unpleasant heating elements, giving the kitchen a lustrous, contemporary look. Aesthetically, glass cooktops cannot be ranked second.

With more benefits than just appearance, glass cooktops are good picks. For the sleek look that they are known to offer, the burner heating elements are entirely closed and protected from the top of the stove by a thick glass barrier cooking surface. No food from boil-overs gets into the burner interior and thus makes cleaning and upkeep much easier. The glass cooktop is also a safer stove, particularly around children, because cooking surfaces tend to cool down quickly and are so less likely to cause burns when accidently touched.

The mystifyingly smooth and shiny appearance of these cooktops impresses one and all. And so, if you look to enrich the look of your kitchens and add the ‘wow’ element, choose the best glass cooktops from Elica. Bringing sophistication and oomph to kitchens for generations, Elica designs and manufactures hi-tech glass cooktops that are fascinating, impeccable and super-smart appliances.

Take home superiority with Elica glass cooktops today!