Add Life to Your Glass Top Hob


Glass-top hobs are trending, and we know why! Elica invests its finest to bring you kitchen appliances that take your breath away. Attractively smooth and contemporary, as well as efficient and smart, Elica’s glass top hobs are undoubtedly one of the best in the league. However, like all things beautiful, shiny surfaces demand great care and love.

Elica brings you smart tips to add life to your glass top hob and create interesting kitchen stories

Cleaning a glass top hob a challenge? A microfiber towel is a great and gentle way to clean your glass top hob. It is soft and hence does the cleaning without scratching the stove’s sleek surface. By this means, it adds life to your precious glass top hob from Elica.

Although Elica’s glass top hobs are manufactured as per industry standards, a little care is important. Before cleaning, make sure that the burners cool down well. There is risk of getting burned or injured, if you accidently touch the hot grids or burners.

Burner grids also should be regularly cleaned for any food debris and spills. Once they are completely cool, burner grids should be rinsed with warm clean water. Before replacing them on the stovetop, make sure they are entirely dried using a clean towel.

Keep the bottoms of your pans and pots very clean. Greasy build-up can leave stubborn marks on the hob. Though they can be removed with some cooktop cleaners, sometimes they can get very difficult to clean off, thus compromising the magic of your glass top hob.

While you may or may not be an experienced cook with exposure to multiple glass top hobs, it is important to understand the specific instructions that any product comes with. Therefore, whatever your glass top hob model from Elica, always look up Elica’s usage and maintenance instructions for optimum use and an extended life for your precious appliance.

Then why wait? Get your good-looking and durable glass top hob from Elica India and accentuate the look and feel of your kitchen design. The elegant Elica glass top hobs are ideal for cooking and nurturing your chef instincts.