A Guide to Maintaining Modular Kitchens

The integral parts of modern homes are the modular kitchens. These user-friendly and effective designs have remarkably transformed the cooking experiences for almost everyone. To always keep your modular kitchen as functional and as elegant as it is initially, a proper attention should be paid to its maintenance.

Choosing good, strong materials is the first step to this process. Some materials are easier to clean and have a longer life, for instance, wood can be replaced with stainless steel or glass at some places. Same is with the fabrics. Certain fabrics can be cleaned easily and usually dark colours do not need frequent cleaning.

The appliances you incorporate into your kitchen also play an important role. Standard and great quality appliances not only stay with you longer, but also don’t require frequent repairs and maintenance. Numerous options by Elica allow you to select what fits your needs perfectly and our quick services make maintenance even easier.

Keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic is a crucial part of maintenance. Some areas, like the sink, cooktop, certain appliances should be cleaned daily. Cabinets, storage units and more can be cleaned weekly. However, maintenance of appliances like exhaust and kitchen hoods need time and may cost you heavily. They can be cleaned and checked twice a year. With the modern and superior quality kitchen hoods by Elica, this process is simple and we ensure that it is carried out timely, without a lot of hassle from your side and doesn’t leave a big hole in your pocket.

To keep the insects, germs and bacteria at bay, small, everyday practices like completely drying the utensils before placing them in the cabinets, cleaning oil stains with vinegar, spraying disinfectants and carrying out anti-bacterial measures from time to time, play a big role. The mixture of water and baking soda can help clean hard stains and retain the shine of your kitchen.

Regular and timely repairs, clean sinks, steps to avoid plumbing issues are several more things you should take care off. Maintenance is the next big thing after selecting the right style and design for your kitchen. It ensures a delightful cooking and dining experience every time you enter the kitchen.