8 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Classy

Kitchen is the heart of any home and it’s also a place we most often play safe design wise. Designing your kitchen is much more than just choosing appliances, cabinets and countertops. If you’d like to take your kitchen aesthetics a notch higher, keep scrolling for 8 kitchen styling ideas that will take your kitchen space from standard to classy.

Upgrade your Kitchen

If your kitchen has both, large drawers and cabinets, consider using different hardware for each to bring additional details to your decor.

Add Greenery

Add some greenery to your kitchen space, to give it a lived-in, tranquil feel. Place small pots scattered throughout the space or opt for a single large plant place in a counter or island.

Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

Lightings are like jewellery in interior design. They add the perfect finishing touch to any room. Switch to various shapes and designs for lighting items, giving a designer look to it.

Personalize With Accessories

To create a rich space, layer your kitchen with unexpected and unusual elements like wall ferns, decorative accessories on shelves, personal mementoes, interesting tiles to create a unique design etc.

Opt for Stools

Kitchens gets crowded easily, so opt out of any additional furniture items. However, Stools in interesting shapes and materials add an unexpected element to your decor.

Swap Out Your Faucet

Kitchen faucets come in a variety of shapes, finishes and configurations. Swap your standard faucet for something a little more interesting and decorative in a finish to match your cabinet hardware to give your space a high-end look.

Hang Artwork

If you feel like your walls are lacking something, hang an interesting piece of artwork in the kitchen to introduce colour and texture into your space. Hang vintage oil paintings or portraits to create a sophisticated vibe.

Get Organized

Food crumbs, Piles of dirty kitchen wares and wet sponges make a kitchen feel less than special. Keep your counters organized by corralling necessities. Make room in cupboards and cabinets for small appliances which are not used regularly. Place your cleaning supplies in a caddy beneath the sink.

With these simple tips implemented, it’s possible to have a kitchen you dreamt of. Check out our kitchen appliances which will blend in with your ‘classy-kitchen’.

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