6 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Your Kitchen is where most of your cherished memories come from. Your favorite food, favorite flavor and aroma, along with all the love that spreads around the dining table, make your kitchen a truly magical place. The trick however, is in choosing the right appliances for your kitchen to not only help with the magic, but also to enhance its effects. We at Elica have curated a list of 6 Must Have Kitchen Appliances for you. Take a look and tell us what you think in the comments section.

Kitchen Chimneys

A must have in every kitchen, chimneys make the grease vanish as quickly as it is created leaving your kitchen walls and the air clean. There are various types of Chimneys available for you to choose from like Hanging Mounted, Wall Mounted, Island, EDS, Aspiration, Built-In and Ceiling. You can look at the different types in detail here – https://www.elicaindia.com/Chimneys

Built-In Hobs

In addition to giving your kitchen a modern, clean and chic look, built-in hobs also help with saving space in small kitchens and come with many modern features and functionalities. The different types of Built-In Hobs include Classic, Pro, Multi-Flame Control (MFC), Flexi, Brass and Induction. These types are described in detail here – https://www.elicaindia.com/Built-In_Hobs

Built-In Ovens

Packed with futuristic designs and features a built-in oven is an oven, a toaster and a griller, making the cooking process easy, fun and perfect. Here’s the link to different types of Built-In Ovens on our website – https://www.elicaindia.com/Built-In_Ovens


Every home maker knows the bliss a dishwasher brings. No more standing in the sink washing dishes hurting your back. No more sore palms and no more dreading cooking for the fear of having to wash the dishes. You can see the different types of dishwashers we offer here – https://www.elicaindia.com/Dishwasher

Built-In Barbeque

Barbeques are an absolute bliss to anyone who loves food. A built-in barbeque makes French fries, potato wedges and smiley’s taste exactly like your favorite restaurant besides making hygiene, safety and maintenance a child’s play. Take a look at the built-in barbeque we have to offer here – https://www.elicaindia.com/Barbeque

Warmer Drawer

Keeping the food warm is the essential function of a warmer dryer while the guests are just in or you are just done cooking but the family and friends are not hungry yet. After all, the right temperature is everything. Check the warmer dryer by Elica here- https://www.elicaindia.com/Warmer_Drawer