5 Ways to Save Energy in Your Kitchen

All of us use a substantial amount of energy every day. We consume energy for most of our activities, such as recreation, transportation, lighting, heating, refrigerating, cooking, etc. In the future too, we shall require energy in different forms to drive our lives. Therefore, energy conservation is important not just to power our present, but also to propel our future.

Cooking is something that we invariably do every day and so we use a lot of energy in this impassioned art. Saving energy and increasing efficiency in the kitchen is thus extremely important to reduce our overall energy consumption. Here are our top energy-saving tips, just for you –

  • Bring in the new – 

We all love the appliances that have been handed over to us by our mothers or have been in the house for many years. However, these older appliances are likely to be considerably less energy efficient. It is thus recommended to refresh your kitchen life and bring in new kitchen appliances that are not just technologically superior, but also energy efficient.

  • Choose energy-efficient kitchen products –

Kitchen appliances are energy-hungry and hence, choosing the right ones can make all the difference in your energy bills. When buying any new appliance, make sure it comes with a clear and approved energy efficiency rating. For example, a built-in microwave oven from Elica, which falls under the energy efficiency Class A, is an intelligent purchase.

  • No Standbys –

Be it your microwave oven or a dishwasher, sitting idly on standby, they consume a lot of energy unnecessarily. The habit of turning them off at the plug will help save a lot of energy. With several appliances being used regularly in the kitchens today, energy consumption can be reduced highly.

  • Selecting the right size of appliances –

Along with new technologies reducing the energy consumed by every appliance, their size also plays a major role. A large microwave oven will always consume more energy than a smaller one. It is important to select the right-sized appliances based on the needs of the family.

  • Keeping the Kitchen and the Appliances Clean –

Cleanliness of your kitchen as well as the appliances is important in the energy saving game. Clean and well-functioning appliances ensure that no extra energy is used than required. Moreover, a cleaner kitchen allows low energy consumption by kitchen hoods.

These tiny, regular steps in our everyday life can make a difference. Let’s take a small step for a safer future of the planet by saving energy with Elica. Along with ease of living, make way for peace of mind too! Choose your energy-efficient, smart, futuristic kitchen appliances right here :