5 Points to check when Choosing Your Built-In Oven

An oven is one of the most important kitchen appliances and buying a built-in oven, is as good as making a long term investment which gives you returns in the form of delicious food. We at Elica have curated a checklist for you to refer to while you go oven shopping.

Check the Size

Depending on the space you have available in your kitchen, decide the area you’d like to allot to the built-in oven. Either have a professional come in and measure the area for you to help you order the oven directly or use a measuring tape to take accurate measurements to keep handy when you go the showroom. Once you have determined the size of the oven, half your job is done.


It is crucial to determine the amount of cooking you want to do in your oven including the holidays and events. Not only does this affect the size of the oven you need, but also the type of Oven you should buy. Check our wide range of built in ovens here- https://www.elicaindia.com/Built-In_Ovens


Once you have decided how much and what all you are planning to cook in your built-in oven, deciding on the features will be easy. There are dual ovens that let you cook a pie in one section while the vegetables roast in other. There are ovens that heat up quicker than other ovens coming handy in times of distress and there are ovens with a hold feature that keeps the food warm for an extended period of time ideal for cooking-in date nights. You can choose the features accordingly after going through the pros and cons of each to make a more informed choice.

Style is Everything

Matching your built-in oven to your kitchen style is equally important in the process of choosing your oven. Check the style of your refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and kitchen trolleys. Look at the colours and make closely and determine the style of the built-in oven. Keep in mind however, if you are getting all the features you want in a built-in oven which doesn’t necessarily match the style, take it still. Remember, delicious food is more important than mere appearance.

The Most Important Point (Power)

We are mentioning this at the end to ensure you are reminded of it first when you go Oven Shopping. Make sure that wherever you place the built-in oven, it gets optimum power supply thus giving a seamless cooking experience. Also, make sure the power back up is in place before you start using the oven since some dishes if stopped mid cooking due to a power cut, can never taste the same they would with uninterrupted cooking.

The above guidelines should help you with choosing the right oven for your home. Choose from Elica’s wide range of built in ovens and kitchen appliances herehttps://www.elicaindia.com/Built-In_Ovens