Elica Induction Cooktop – EPBI-E3: Cooking Innovation

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Elica Induction Cooktop – EPBI-E3: Cooking Innovation

The latest cooking  popularity has been getting the limelight even though the technology has been around for decades. Thanks to the demand driven market, induction Cooktops are available in a variety of price ranges with varied features. As a result, many eminent technology names have begun making induction Cooktop ranges to meet the customers’ interests.

Induction Cooktop
Induction Cooktop

Elica’s Latest Offering…
To meet the increasing demand of Cooktops, Elica India brings you a new series of induction cooktop. Made with latest and advanced technology, these induction Cooktops make your cooking more faster, efficient, cleaner and safe too. Equipped with the Multifunction ability of different Indian recipes like Roti, Idli, Dosa, Stir fry, Gravy, boiling water, milk and many more, these Cooktops are faster than gas or radiant Cooktops, with the advantage of quick and easy cleanup.

Available in fine black glass finish with touch keys, the marvelous EPBI-E3 has an excellent dimension (WxDxH); 285x350x60 mm. Talking about the cooktop controls, it is a fully-touch equipment with cool to touch surface. It clearly means it is quite safe to use anywhere. Being suitable for all kinds of Indian cooking including 6 preset menus for different Indian recipes, Elica  EPBI-E3 starts quickly and has an auto off function. With remarkable safety and portable features, this cooking device is comfortable to use with smoke free cooking. What more? All new Elica EPBI-E3 is energy efficient and uses upto 2100Wfor fast cooking. Just set your cooking time between 0 to 120 minutes and just feel free to serve your guests on time. Cooking has been never so easy. On the launch of this mesmerizing induction cooktop, you get one year replacement warranty. So, why wait? Grab your cooking range today.

Popularity on its Heights
With a  number of mesmerizing features such as energy efficient, appealing technology and accuracy in cooking, induction ranges are winning raves from acknowledged chefs to even amateurs alike. On the backdrop of the above mentioned affirmative factors, induction can be called the next big thing in your kitchen. This small kitchen utility can change the way cook and delivers your culinary art. The experience would never be same again.

So, why wait? Buy your own induction Cooktop today and keep sharpening your culinary expertise.

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