Elica Swirl Burner Hobs


Elica has been pioneer in introducing revolutionary technologies in Built in hobs  suitable for Indian cooking styles. This year Elica introduces Multi ring swirl burner, this burner is a medium size brass burner with multi ring flames. Since the multi ring swirl flame is evenly spread this burner is ideally suited for cooking Dosa’s, Chapattis ,Phulka’s, Roti’s , Tadka’s and any other Indian cuisine which requires even heating of the pan.

Elica’s Multi ring swirl burner utilizes the principle of swirling and mixing of air and gas for perfect combustion resulting in a perfect & evenly spread blue flame.

Elica’s Multi ring swirl burner is energy efficient and gives a wide range of power levels from maximum to sim position.

This burner is capable of running both on LPG and CNG gas with only change of jet. Elica’s Multi ring swirl burners are available in Brass and black finish.  Elica’s Multi ring swirl burners are  available in various models in built in hob.


Energy efficient cooking appliances need of Indian kitchen

Builtin Hobs

Around the world there are many styles of cooking but where are the best chefs, the answer is India – the land that loves to cook.

From the snow covered Himalayas to the tropical rain forests of Kerala & the deserts of Rajasthan to the Bay of Bengal, India is a land of Diverse tastes. Textures, Colors, Flavors, aroma’s are the real secret of Indian cooking. Cooking is a more passionate part of Indian life style.

Indian cooking involves spices & oily tadka’s . To handle such diverse cooking habits you need the right Built in Hobs specially designed for Indian Cooking. Indian cooking is very peculiar where the temperature of oil is very important to make a perfect Tadka. To make a perfect Roti / Phulka/ Paratha requires the right temperature and right flame. Although Built in Hobs got a good revolution in Indian kitchen, but the European Burners used in Hobs cannot satisfy the need of Indian cooking.

Elica’s Multi flame Control (MFC) Brass Burner Hobs & MFC Plus Hobs with QJC technology are specially designed for diverse Indian Cooking Cultures. All Elica MFC & MFC Plus with QJC technology hobs cook food rapidly, have lifelong Brass Burners with Multi Flame controls and moreover are LPG efficient.

Elica has a wide range of Built-In-Hobs to choose from to suit diverse Indian cooking cultures with different burner configurations to adapt your cooking utensils.

For more details click here http://elicaindia.com/product-showcase/built-in-hobs.

Elica Hobs designed for people who love to Cook.