Elica Deep Silence (EDS) Technology

Imagine listening to your favorite music in the kitchen or hearing your kids playing in the living room, and not being disturbed by a noisy and unpleasant kitchen hood. Having your early-morning tea in a noise-free kitchen can be such an amazing experience, while you are also making breakfast for your loved ones. Isn’t it?

You can certainly enjoy all the pleasurable sounds and connect with the outside world, while you cook!

Leading the world in innovation and carrying contemporary technologies into the kitchens, Elica brings the ‘Elica Deep Silence’ (EDS) Technology. Enhancing the cooking experience through noiseless kitchen hoods, the EDS Technology is revolutionizing the traditional noisy kitchen appliances. The in-built sound filtering pads give a noiseless suction and thus saves the chef from persistent sounds and ensuing headaches.

With the EDS Technology, cooking is not a chore or boring, but an experience to be cherished and indulged in. The hoods with EDS Technology draw up the cooking fumes exceptionally silently and reliably with a noise emission that is almost negligible. Making the kitchens more stylish and chic, the EDS incorporated hoods are completely noise-free and hence unique.

The special range of hoods from Elica come equipped with the EDS Technology and a 360-degree filter. These amazing products are just perfect to make sure your kitchen is odor-free, smoke-free and most essentially pleasing and noise-free! Now find your Zen while you cook.

Wish you a blissful and noiseless cooking experience with Elica.