Improve your Culinary skills with the Cooking Range

Improve your Culinary skills with the Cooking Range
Master-chef recommended Must-Haves for your Kitchen

Master-chefs have noted in their ‘Kitchen must have’ a Cooking Range. Even if you have no desire ever to attempt advanced-level recipes and only plan to cook simple family meals like, or bake the occasional birthday cake, cupcakes, or brownies, make it easy on yourself by adequately outfitting your kitchen. It is amazing at how much easier, faster, and even more enjoyable cooking becomes when you have the right equipment and tools.

Combining both an oven and a stovetop in one appliance makes ranges pretty versatile when it comes to cooking. Based on your requirements there are cooking ranges as especially a companion for chef’s who:

Don’t typically prepare large meals and want their food done faster.

Hates the phrase “a watched pot never boils”.

With an appliance budget but wants a professional-looking range

You will need a little more added to your kitchen equipment if you want to develop your culinary skills beyond the basics. Moreover, you have invested in a fabulous, professional cooking rage for your home kitchen you might as well have all the necessary bits and pieces at your disposal

Make the most of your Cooking range with these Kitchen Must-Haves.

Apart from the basic set of ‘Kitchen Must-Haves’ like a set sharp of knives, sturdy cookware, multiple chopping boards, set of wooden spoons, stainless steel spatula, peelers, tongs, and measuring cups, you will need a few more additions beyond the usual for that Master chef set up at home.

Kitchen Must-Haves for Baking:

As we all know baking is a tricky business and you need all eyes and hands on board. However, the right baking tools and equipment can help you achieve the mouth-watering, aromatic and eye-catching textures like the ones you come across in those dreamy pictures from cookbooks.

Large cast iron skillet with a lid:

It is one of the most versatile pieces you can get your hands on for baking. It is excellent for baking cornbread, biscuits, scalloped potatoes and layered casseroles. Moreover, with a lid and you can also slow-bake small roasts and other meats.

Baking and Pizza Stone

The secret of the ‘Brick oven’ is the high heat that spreads evenly and fast— browning the crust making it crisp, while keeping the inside soft. Baking stones efficiently conduct heat give you the same results. For the perfect pizza, set your oven on a high temperature and heat the stone first, then place your pizza on it.

9×13 baking dish.

Most recipes for casseroles, lasagnas, enchiladas, etc. use a 9×13 baking dish. A smaller plate will be insufficient to hold the ingredients. You will have spillover, and the grease may drip all over your oven. A more substantial will spread the layers of component too thin and possibly run out before you finish.

Kitchen Must-Haves for Cooking Meat:

A Roasting pan with a rack.

Chicken, turkey, or large roasts, sometimes you just need something large and deep.

Meat thermometer.

Take the guesswork out of cooking big pieces of meats, check the internal temperature before you serve or resume cooking further.
Basting Brush

Applying a thin, even coat of butter, egg whites, or glaze to the top of a pie crust or pastry, or a barbecue sauce or marinade on grilled meats with a basting brush is more therapeutic than you think and the results cannot be achieved with any other tools up to such perfection.

Other Kitchen Must-Haves:

Colander and strainer.

Take the strain out of straining with a Colander and Strainer, a handy tool for every kitchen.

Built-in’s to Compliment Your Kitchen and Enhance Your Experience

Built-in's to Compliment Your Kitchen and Enhance Your ExperienceDecluttering your kitchen is not just appealing to look at, but it can help you focus more on cooking and indulge in the experience. In a kitchen stocked full of cooking tools, equipment, and appliances, finding the free space to prepare a meal can be a frustrating experience. Built-ins save you an incredible amount of space and increase your storage making your kitchen look less cluttered and more elegant leaving you enough space for chopping and preparing ingredients.

Elica has at your disposal an exceptional collection of built-ins to give you an enhanced kitchen experience

Built-in Hobs: Built-in-hobs are installed on your kitchen counter by cutting off a part of it. The gas pipes and electrical wires are also well concealed lending it a seamless look. They are a great way to make your kitchen more sleek and stylish. However, they are also easier to clean and more comfortable to ignite making them a safer and hygienic alternative as well.

If you want a kitchen makeover, this is one of the most straightforward choices to make. It will give you ideas on how to slowly transform your kitchen from portable or countertop appliances to an artisan kitchen with built-in appliances, optimal for cooking elaborate meals and hosting larger groups of people. Some of these hobs have control knobs on the sides, which make it look quite modern.

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Built-in Microwaves: Can be fixed in your kitchen cabinets or walls, are one way to increase the amount of usable area on your kitchen counter. The front door is the only visible part of the microwave. Its sides, top and back, are recessed into the wall, and instead of occupying a space they become a part of the kitchen’s overall design. Built-in microwaves can also mount on the wall by slotting in between storage cabinets. With a matching door overlay, cabinet-mounted microwaves blend into the cabinet design.

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Built-in Ovens: If you want the flexibility of a cooking range but don’t have space for one, or worry it’ll be out of step with your sleek new kitchen unit, a built-in oven is a way to go.Built-in ovens are installed into kitchen units or fixed to cupboard doors.

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 Built Dishwasher: Getting the grease off the utensils after cooking an elaborate Indian affair can be the most daunting task. Dishwashers not only save homeowners time when cleaning up after meals, but they also use less water than washing dishes in the sink. Built-in dishwashers have more advanced features than independent models, such as multiple spray arms, specialised wash cycles and targeted sprays for hard-to-clean items like pans or baking dishes.

A built-in dishwasher fits beneath your countertop, flush to your kitchen cabinets. This provides a neat and tidy look, which is preferable. After you are done with the cooking, you can just leave it in your dishwasher to clean up your utensils while you enjoy a quiet family meal.

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Built-in Barbeque: There are multiple health benefits of cooking your food on the grill or barbeque vs the stove or oven. You consume less fat since less butter or oil is needed to glaze the ingredients compared to frying, grilled vegetables and meat retain more nutrition compared to boiling, barbeques also enhance the unique flavours of individual foods and spices and wrapping them in a tin foil will help keep moisture making the final dish more succulent.

Built-in barbeques are customisable to fit your barbeque usage. Drawers, burners and other accessories accent your grill making it more convenient to use.

If you wish to install a barbeque as part of an outdoor kitchen, a workspace can be built around it, which makes it easier to prep food and other ingredients outdoors without having to rush in and out.

Also, the unique configuration of a built-in grill is less likely to suffer damage because it is inserted into countertops, stone, brick or another material which serves to protect it from weather and other external factors.

The appearance of a built-in barbeque is artistically professional, sturdy and attractive addition to parties.

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 Built-in Fryer: A built-in fryer comes in handy and makes a great addition to meals especially when you are entertaining guests, and appetisers meals. Plus, those nights of entertaining when you wish to serve scrumptious Indian starters like Samosa and Vada and also pub style food like Chips, Onion Rings and Cheese Valls can be made how they are supposed to be- deeply fried.

It will take up considerably less amount of oil and fry food to perfect golden crispiness. The lid covers the fryer which leaves the kitchen stench free post-frying.

Built-in fryers fit into your kitchen tops, so you can custom fit them to keep them at a safe distance from children as well as convenient for you to use.

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Cooking with a Cooking Range: A stress-free experience

Cooking with a Cooking Range A stress-free experienceCooking ranges have been around for a while, advancing the technology that is available for home chefs and domestic cooking. It has made it increasingly possible for all of us to pursue our passion for gastronomic adventures at home. To discover its full potential, we will try to look at some of their defining aspects that could make cooking a stress-free experience rather than a stressful one.

A happy chef makes a healthy and satiated home, and cooking ranges give home chefs an elegant set-up for ease of cooking. It is an “all-included” cooking appliance that combines a cooktop with a wall oven. It is larger in size, includes an oven underneath and is designed to slide right into your countertops, thus creating a seamless built-in look. These cooking ranges are packed with innovative features much like industrial cooking equipment, that any home chef will genuinely appreciate.

 Best of both worlds Burners and Oven

With both cooktop and oven in one place, you can achieve more with your gastronomic endeavours. Baking a pizza, pie or a cake along with risotto or pasta seems like a daunting task when you have separate equipment in two different sections of the kitchen. Cooking a variety of food in the same amount of time is made possible with an all in one cooking range, making complicated recipes that require quick alternating between cooktops, and ovens a breeze to achieve.

Multi-tasking made easy

Cooking times can vary and are sensitive to various factors such as the freshness of the ingredients, etc. Having gas burners and oven on the same plane and line of sight in the kitchen helps you avoid any oversights. An oven placed right under the burners makes it exceptionally convenient to keep a track on the food in the oven while you are concocting something extraordinary on the burners. This gives us the luxury of cooking meals that include multiple steps and varied cooking times without having to exclude bakes or roasts from your daily meals.


Baking is usually a separately designated task which is always done after the entire meal is prepared. Since it requires constant attention it is nigh impossible to watch over your baking while you are at the stove making a complicated dish, you cannot look away in another direction or leave the handles for more than a few seconds. With a cooking range, you can steal a quick glance anytime, unlike having the oven set up out of reach from the stove.

Hassle-free Auto Ignition:

One of the top features that cooking ranges come with are auto ignition gas burners which saves you the task of fiddling around incessantly with the lighter or even worst having to deal with matchsticks. Sturdy design for gas burners is essential to ensure safety in the kitchen along with ease of use. With the exclusive feature of electric ignition, the ‘Elica Cooking Ranges ticks the box for safe cooking as well.

Spending quality time in the kitchen is possible if you do not have to move from one spot to the other making the experience less hectic and more blissful.