Healthy Cooking for Healthy Living

In our demanding lives and busy agendas, we mostly end up eating as per our convenience, rather than what is healthy and good for us. The long-standing results of these wrong food choices is excessive weight gain, fatigue, diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, weak bones and what not. It is important to eat healthy and eat right. Most essentially, it is imperative to cook right!

Healthy eating does not mean having only boiled meals, eating less, or saying no to fat. Healthy food habits mean nutritious eating, i.e. eating everything in the right amount and right way. Your favorite recipes can be adapted easily to provide a healthier substitute.

  • Foods should be prepared at home with superior ingredients and in a controlled portion size.
  • Choose fresh fruits and vegetables, since frozen, canned and pickled vegetables tend to come with added preservatives.
  • Do not wash the vegetables after peeling or chopping since the water-soluble vitamins will be washed away.
  • Steaming, baking, grilling, braising, boiling or microwaving your foods is good, instead of deep-frying them.
  • Modifying or avoiding recipes that include too much butter or fats is advised. Additionally, non-stick cookware can be used to prevent the overuse of oil and butter.
  • Limiting the use of salt, foods should be seasoned with herbs, spices, garlic, peppers and lemon.

Experiment with healthy vegetables and fruits and come up with your own healthy creations. The possibilities are boundless when cooking is your creative outlet.

Rightly said, ‘You are what you eat’! So make sure you and your loved ones eat healthy foods that are lovingly crafted in your kitchens.

Cook Together, Grow Together

Being the king or queen of the kitchen and cooking alone can be easier, less messy and of course quicker! However, when loved ones cook together, the benefits and happiness to everyone are absolutely worth the extra time and efforts. In everyday life, most of the family members and friends are busy and rushing to keep up with work, school, social commitments, leisure activities, homework and other responsibilities. You would all agree that with diminishing global boundaries, the family and friends-time is increasingly compromised. Cooking together can be an effective approach to keep the collaboration and love growing!

Planning a meal and cooking together gives dear ones a special time to share, bond and work together. By getting together, members get an exclusive time, away from the gadgets and social systems, to catch-up with each other and reconnect. The family gets time to come together and learn life skills that go beyond school and college education, like vocabulary and concepts such as slow-cooking, grilling, exotic ingredients or metric measurements. Furthermore, the kids and young ones can learn and comprehend the importance of collaboration, communication, intimacy and love. Developing strong bonds and communication skills in the kitchen arena will effectively help strengthen the family’s ability to connect and depend on one another in other walks of life.

If you do not have many common interests with your spouse, children or friends, cooking is something that you can all do, become better at, and continue to explore! Bring your family, friends or colleagues together around the hob, and you are sure to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy Cooking!

What’s Cooking on Weekends?

Just about everybody – even workaholics –look forward to the weekend to get a mood boost and recharge themselves. Weekends are the perfect times to relax and grab on to your favorite book or just curl up in the warm sheets. Staying in on weekends and doing your own thing is simply magical!

Along with all the cleaning, relaxing, socializing etc. comes the most interesting of all – cooking! Weekends are perfect times to don your chef hats and get extra-creative in the kitchen. With a good time in hand as against the demanding weekdays, weekend cooking can be delightful and extensive. Right from planning the menu, buying groceries, following the recipes, setting the table to serving your loved ones – about everything can be special and exclusive.

Considering the nutritional value and measured serving size, it is healthy to cook at home than head to a restaurant. Additionally, buying your own groceries and cooking is effectively cost-effective. Getting the family together to make a meal can be loads of fun and a great way to spend time together on weekends. This home-cooked food definitely tastes fuller, fresher and is more satisfying. Experimenting with cuisines, referring to cookbooks, discovering newer dishes, learning culinary tricks etc. are just some of the many benefits of being a weekend cook.

Cooking on weekends helps you relax, revitalize and manage stress. So flex your cooking muscles and take up cooking on weekends, because it can be a fun experiment, a creative outlet to unwind from the challenging week, and a chance for you to reconnect with your family and friends.

Good Food, Good Mood

There are many things that elevate one’s mood: like getting enough sleep, mindful meditation, exercise, reading, traveling, swimming, dancing etc. Moreover, interestingly, good food can also make one happier! Have your heard the adage, ‘Who says money can’t buy happiness? Money can buy food. Same thing’? Food-lovers and connoisseurs of good food continue to swear by this statement.

Happiness, food and mood unquestionably go hand-in-hand. From the pleasure of cooking and eating, to the changes in brain chemistry, food can make a lot of difference to your mood and your overall wellbeing. Research suggests that eating is one of the greatest sensory pleasures in life. Whether it is a lavish meal at your preferred restaurant or simple homemade noodles, whether you are going through a tough break-up or celebrating an accomplishment – food is one thing that will stick with you through thick or thin. Tucking into a succulent steak or a delightful bowl of pudding can be a real joy and something that brightens your mood instantaneously.

Well, not everyone gets happiness from eating, some derive enormous pleasure from looking up recipes in a cookbook and experimenting with new dishes just to please the ones they adore. Food is happiness and the happiness is magnified, when the food is cooked with utmost love in your own kitchens! A little creativity each day in the kitchen and serving deliciousness can go a long way towards happiness.

So treat yourself to your favorite delicacies and watch your mood soar, because cooking or eating, food is indeed happiness!

Elica: Brand Spread

Celebrated for bringing sophistication into every kitchen, Elica needs no special introduction! The brand has continued to evolve and has made glamorous living an attainable dream for many lives across the globe. Using innovative design and technological solutions, Elica has gifted the world diverse products that are ultramodern and uber-stylish. Redefining cooking worldwide and adding the touch of glamour and elegance to traditional kitchens, Elica offers appliances that are extensive and exceptional.

  • The kitchen chimneys and hoods from Elica are absolutely beyond compare! Elica – World’s no.1 in kitchen chimneys – has transformed kitchens and made them sophisticated and smart with variants such as hanging, wall-mounted, island etc. The Elica Deep Silence (EDS) Technology has successfully modernized the industry!
  • Built-in hobs, built-in ovens, built-in microwave ovens, dishwashers, barbeques, fryers are some of the amazing built-in appliances from the house of Elica. Using Italian technology, all these appliances are crafted by expert technicians and product designers to make cooking a thoroughly enjoyable experience for seasoned as well as naive cooks. Saving energy, time and efforts, these masterpieces from Elica are must-haves in a contemporary kitchen.
  • Freestanding appliances such as cooktops and cooking ranges from Elica have evolved in designs, aesthetics and technology. Elica cooktops lend an international look to kitchens across the world, replacing the traditional kitchen settings. Cooking is a breeze with professional-quality ranges and cooktops that promise great performance, energy saving and convenience.

Cooking is no more just a monotonous household chore, but is a fun and creative experience. With more electronic appliances equipped with elaborate functions, Elica continues to make kitchens storehouses of luxury and beauty!

Hobs for the Incredible Indian Cook

Assorted, delicious and full of mouthwatering spices and herbs, Indian cuisine is among the leading cuisines of the world. With every state, city and even every home having its own recipes for diverse dishes, the variety and flavors are overwhelming! With its array of spices and condiments, Indian cuisine allows cooks to get creative and make complete use of the kitchen setting.

For splendid Indian cooking, you also need an equally smart hob. With great brands, you can discover a wide range of functional and sophisticated hobs that are highly efficient and also complement your kitchen decor. Specially for Indian cooking, hobs with multi-flame brass burners are perfect because they are highly energy-efficient and boost quick cooking.

Indian recipes with long cooking times, needing different levels of heat or flame, require this superior hob. These hobs also seem to merge and flow into the surface and give a very modern and chic look to the kitchens. With a lot of up-to-date functionalities and features, the hobs completely complement every cook’s culinary style, makes cooking easier and lot of fun. Hobs with multi-flame (MFC) brass burners have been engineered with Indian cooking habits in mind. Designed to meet the demands of the Indian kitchen, they are equipped with multi- flame burners for even distribution of heat, strong pan support and are highly energy-efficient.

Rightly said, cooking is an art when done right! To make excellent Indian dishes, you need the perfect appliance – so get the hob equipped with multi-flame brass burners from Elica India.

Stylish kitchen hoods to adorn your walls!

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen with some useful and contemporary appliances? When choosing the appliances you could bring in, a kitchen hood is considered as one of the least obvious investment. Homemakers fail to appreciate the many advantages of the simple, yet powerful kitchen hood.

In addition to providing valuable filtering support for your stove or cooktop, kitchen hoods are designed to expel gases and odors from inside your home. It eliminates airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, odors, heat, and steam from the air by evacuation of the air and filtration. Elica brings such sophisticated and highly elegant hoods for your kitchens. An impressive wall-mounted kitchen hood with push control button completes your kitchen like no other! By capturing and removing the contaminated air right at the source, the range hood preserves the air quality in the kitchen and makes cooking a delightful experience.

The wall-mounted unit consumes minimum space and with the push button control, it is particularly simple to operate and maintain. The design is convenient and suited for regular use, while also adding a distinct character to the kitchen. Suave, trendy and attractive – the hood is extraordinary in a number of ways. Push-button controls are easy to use and let you quickly cycle through the fan speeds and toggle the light on and off.

Without a doubt, a stylish wall-mounted kitchen hood with push button control is one of the most important appliances you need to have in your homes!

Elica: Making Kitchens Livelier and New

The festive season is the perfect time to redesign your kitchen and lend it a breath of fresh air. Your endless cooking experiments, guest squads, aromas, dust and grime can take a toll on the health and appearance of your kitchen. While dusting and regular cleaning can add the freshness, a kitchen makeover during the festive times will bring in a distinctive allure and charm that seemed all but lost!

Elica, a world-renowned brand, offers a broad range of kitchen appliances that are exceptionally well designed and aesthetic. These uber-stylish products are perfect for adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to your kitchens. Forget your timeworn, outdated appliances and bring home freshness and style with Elica. Every product is designed with extra precision, a customer-centric attitude and an inventive thought-process. Elica is on a mission to make cooking a delightful and sensory experience, and making sure that your loved ones indulge in their favorite foods in a healthy kitchen.

The expert team of technicians and designers at Elica go the extra mile to inspire innovation in everyday products and that is echoed in their range of exclusive products. With a premium assortment of kitchen chimneys, hobs, ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, fryers, cooktops and cooking ranges, your kitchen is set to sparkle and become your family’s favored place! Festive season or no, your family deserves a kitchen that is welcoming and inspiring.

Prep yourself and your kitchen for the happy times ahead with the world’s No. 1 – Elica.

Low-noise, High-Suction Kitchen Hoods

Savory aromas on the dining table are inviting and loved by all! These essences and aromas lend a distinct freshness to the house and also boost your appetite. However, these lingering smells can sometime be nasty in a smoky and stuffy kitchen. A kitchen hood comes to your rescue in such situations! However, what if the kitchen hood does more bad than good? A noisy and inefficient kitchen hood can add to the commotion and make your enjoyable cooking experience an unpleasant one.

Saving you from these noisy kitchen hoods, are low-noise and high-suction kitchen hoods and chimneys. Designed especially for a noiseless and pleasant cooking experience, these hoods come equipped with high-suction filters that efficiently drive out the smoke and odors. These hoods ensure that the smells are arrested before they rise up, escape into your drawing rooms, and bother your family and guests. Keeping the air purified and fresh, these hoods help to give some more power at lesser noise levels to the chefs, giving them the perfect assistance while they cook.

Elica is celebrated worldwide for designing and manufacturing low-noise, high-suction kitchen hoods. Even at their highest power level, their low noise performance ensures comfortable cooking. Not only are these hoods kitchen essentials, but they add a distinct design element in the traditional kitchen settings with their elegance and fineness.

Turn cooking into a truly sensory experience with these powerful low-noise and high-suction kitchen hoods. Keep calm and cook on!


Elica Deep Silence (EDS) Technology

Imagine listening to your favorite music in the kitchen or hearing your kids playing in the living room, and not being disturbed by a noisy and unpleasant kitchen hood. Having your early-morning tea in a noise-free kitchen can be such an amazing experience, while you are also making breakfast for your loved ones. Isn’t it?

You can certainly enjoy all the pleasurable sounds and connect with the outside world, while you cook!

Leading the world in innovation and carrying contemporary technologies into the kitchens, Elica brings the ‘Elica Deep Silence’ (EDS) Technology. Enhancing the cooking experience through noiseless kitchen hoods, the EDS Technology is revolutionizing the traditional noisy kitchen appliances. The in-built sound filtering pads give a noiseless suction and thus saves the chef from persistent sounds and ensuing headaches.

With the EDS Technology, cooking is not a chore or boring, but an experience to be cherished and indulged in. The hoods with EDS Technology draw up the cooking fumes exceptionally silently and reliably with a noise emission that is almost negligible. Making the kitchens more stylish and chic, the EDS incorporated hoods are completely noise-free and hence unique.

The special range of hoods from Elica come equipped with the EDS Technology and a 360-degree filter. These amazing products are just perfect to make sure your kitchen is odor-free, smoke-free and most essentially pleasing and noise-free! Now find your Zen while you cook.

Wish you a blissful and noiseless cooking experience with Elica.