Turn On Silence in your Kitchen with Elica Split Kitchen Chimneys


Your kitchen is the place where odours , flavours and taste mingle together with the family tradition of cooking and the pleasure of sharing a meal together.

Considering our Indian cooking habits which involve oily tadkas, spices & strong flavours & aromas, Kitchen Chimney has become a vital part of every Indian kitchen. Kitchen chimneys remove out all the oil, grease, odours & smoke generated during cooking. While handling this job the kitchen chimneys make kitchen a noisy place.

Kitchen chimneys have a motor & rotors which create this noise .Noise – an unwanted , unpleasant , loud sound, as described by lexicons has increased to such an extent that the need to name it as pollution was felt. Noise generated from Kitchen chimney  is very intrusive and at times we are forced to switch off the Chimney and bear the smoke and unpleasant odors in the kitchen.

Thanks to Elica’s innovative thinking to introduce Split Kitchen Chimneys with external motor technology for the first time in India. In Elica’s innovative split kitchen Chimney’s  the motor is installed outside the house hence compared to the same model of kitchen Chimney  with internal motor there is drastic reduction in perceived noise level and improvement in suction.

Since the motor is placed outside the house the maintenance is reduced . The noise that you hear in the kitchen is the air movement noise which is not disturbing to the human ear. With Split kitchen Chimney’s    your kitchen is free of unwanted noise and odours thus making it a perfect place to meet , entertain and dine with your loved ones.

Elica’s Split kitchen Chimney’s  are available in various designs ,aesthetics & material with user friendly controls.

Turn on Silence with Elica’s Split kitchen Chimney’s  . For more details pl. click http://elicaindia.com/product-showcase/kitchen-hoods


Energy efficient cooking appliances need of Indian kitchen

Builtin Hobs

Around the world there are many styles of cooking but where are the best chefs, the answer is India – the land that loves to cook.

From the snow covered Himalayas to the tropical rain forests of Kerala & the deserts of Rajasthan to the Bay of Bengal, India is a land of Diverse tastes. Textures, Colors, Flavors, aroma’s are the real secret of Indian cooking. Cooking is a more passionate part of Indian life style.

Indian cooking involves spices & oily tadka’s . To handle such diverse cooking habits you need the right Built in Hobs specially designed for Indian Cooking. Indian cooking is very peculiar where the temperature of oil is very important to make a perfect Tadka. To make a perfect Roti / Phulka/ Paratha requires the right temperature and right flame. Although Built in Hobs got a good revolution in Indian kitchen, but the European Burners used in Hobs cannot satisfy the need of Indian cooking.

Elica’s Multi flame Control (MFC) Brass Burner Hobs & MFC Plus Hobs with QJC technology are specially designed for diverse Indian Cooking Cultures. All Elica MFC & MFC Plus with QJC technology hobs cook food rapidly, have lifelong Brass Burners with Multi Flame controls and moreover are LPG efficient.

Elica has a wide range of Built-In-Hobs to choose from to suit diverse Indian cooking cultures with different burner configurations to adapt your cooking utensils.

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Elica Hobs designed for people who love to Cook.