Colour your Kitchen in Style

A life is well lived when surrounded with colours. Each colour brings in different mood, leaves a distinct impact and reflects various shades of one’s persona. So be it of clothes, your car colour or maybe your office or home décor. Today people are choosy and have developed a great sense of aesthetics too, so whatever they do, they do it in style. So be it home décor or say specifically the kitchen they are designing. Each ingredient that makes it is chosen tastefully, right from kitchen faucets, kitchen sinks, hobs, dishwashers, chimneys to kitchen hoods.

Understanding the consumer taste companies dealing in kitchen appliances too have come up with innovative designs and products. One such product that has been thoughtfully designed by a leading Kitchen Appliance company Elica is 35CC Dynamique range of kitchen hoods. Its design is combination of two shells in the form of a ‘C’. The external bit of the ‘C’ is colorful, while the one on the inside is functional and is perforated steel. Bringing in more shades to your life, these kitchen hoods revolutionize trend in four colours, red, black, yellow and green, which perfectly fit in any type of kitchen décor, blending in your kitchen’s colour palette. Equipped with lighting system based on LED technology, these hoods facilitate good quality cooktop illumination, thus making the cooking process easy and enjoyable. These lights not only last ten times longer than the traditional bulbs, but also save upto 90% electrical energy as well.  Meant to maintain the airflow in your kitchen, these kitchen hoods guarantee high performance and are specifically designed keeping large kitchens in mind that require much of grilling, boiling and frying every now and then. And apart from just the outlet facility on the top, this also comes with back aspiration, which simply requires rotating the internal motor unit 90 degree.

Also to this 35CC version, there’s a 70CC model too that comes with minor variation in colours and functionality. And what’s got these models popular is the honourable mention in the latest edition of the Red Dot Award 2012.

So when exploring a range of kitchen hoods, go explore these colourful compact models of Dynamique by Elica and add a little splendour to your kitchen.