Tale of food and evolution of Kitchen

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Modern kitchen word is synonym to the changing lifestyle & trends. Kitchens have evolved as the food habits and choice of eating has changed over years. Food, vegetables, fruits  that were seasonal are available through the year. International foods are available across the country too. Thanks to internet , food recipes are just a click away .

We are in a true era of globalization – One World.

To prepare a  gastronomic experience, kitchen demands need of modern appliances.

Flambé cooking, stir fry, tadka, create a havoc of fumes and unpleasant smells in kitchen and in the cook. In early 70′s  Mr. Ermanno Casoli founder of Elica group  developed the first motorized kitchen Chimney, thanks to the inventions in the modern world.  Today we can see a blend of technology and , material , sizes , aesthetics in kitchen Chimneys. Elica has been pioneering and driving the kitchen chimney industry since 1970.

Built in hob is another appliance that is must to enable the user to regulate the heat at various cooking stages. From Stone Age man has learned to use fire to keep warm , cook and since then has an important place in human life. Fire and wheel are the two inventions of human race which are still in use. Fire on glass is the trend in hob .Elica  Hobs with MFC technology are here to stay as they give a great control on the flame to user.

Built in Oven is a huge trend in India cooking showing an like and adaption of European cooking in Indian Kitchens. Built in ovens with  Digital controls, touch controls embedded in glass with rotisserie and up to 10 functions like grilling, baking, defrosting are in Demand. Elica has been selling largest number of ovens in India for the largest range of ovens in terms of technology,  aesthetics and user friendly oven functions adaptable to Indian cuisine.

Thanks to the Era of globalization which has made it possible to eat global foods on a dinning table  in a small Indian town miles away from the origin of the recipe.

Elica India – MFC Cooktop /Gas Stove


Elica “ Useful Innovation” 

Elica has created its own concept of “Useful Innovation” where simplicity and technology are fused together in a revolutionary philosophy. Products which are used in everyday life which are integral part of your kitchens that offer you freedom of usage & style.

Innovation :

Every Women aspires to have a MFC built in hob in her kitchen, but cutting granite, redoing kitchen in not always possible. This is one of the reasons people buy cooktop.

Elica introduces MFC built in hobs in cooktop style CT MFC 3/4 B 70 DX N, no need of cutting granite or redoing kitchen. CT MFC 3/4 B 70 DX N can be installed in kitchen easily just like cooktop.

Performance of MFC built in hob and ease of cooktop is the USP of this CT MFC 3/4 B 70 DX N range. All this at just a cost of Rs.  1000/- only  above the MFC hob MRP

MFC Cook Tops Presentation



Elica Swirl Burner Hobs


Elica has been pioneer in introducing revolutionary technologies in Built in hobs  suitable for Indian cooking styles. This year Elica introduces Multi ring swirl burner, this burner is a medium size brass burner with multi ring flames. Since the multi ring swirl flame is evenly spread this burner is ideally suited for cooking Dosa’s, Chapattis ,Phulka’s, Roti’s , Tadka’s and any other Indian cuisine which requires even heating of the pan.

Elica’s Multi ring swirl burner utilizes the principle of swirling and mixing of air and gas for perfect combustion resulting in a perfect & evenly spread blue flame.

Elica’s Multi ring swirl burner is energy efficient and gives a wide range of power levels from maximum to sim position.

This burner is capable of running both on LPG and CNG gas with only change of jet. Elica’s Multi ring swirl burners are available in Brass and black finish.  Elica’s Multi ring swirl burners are  available in various models in built in hob.


Elica Aasaan – Free Customer Care app for the Android platform


Elica Aasaan App

Elica Aasaan App

For Quick services from Elica India , Download free Elica Aasaan App on your android smart phone from Google play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=elica.food

Elica Aasaan is a free Customer Care app for the Android platform. By downloading this Application Customer can,
• Register Warranty
• Request Product Installation.
• Request Services like AMC/ACC.
• Send Feedback.
• Register Complaints.

This Elica Aasaan app enables Customer to avail above Services without loss of time as Customer can directly connect with Elica PB India Private Limited.

Product Registration
- Customer can register their Product for Warranty directly with the Company. This reduces the waiting time for the Customer. Customer can take the Picture of the Invoice which is required to register the Warranty through this app. Warranty Registration process through this app is more convenient and ensures that this registration reaches Elica PB India Private Limited directly. Customer can choose to send this request either by email or SMS to Elica PB India Private Limited via this app.
Product Installation
- By requesting Product Installation through this app Customer can instantly avail the Technician to Install the Product. After the Installation request is received through this app, Customer Care Executive from Elica PB India Private Limited will call the Customer to fix up and appointment for installation of the Product. Customer can choose to send this request either by email or SMS to Elica PB India Private Limited via this app.
Product Services
-Customer can sign Product Services like AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) and ACC (Annual Cleaning Contract) directly with Elica PB India Private Limited. After the AMC/ACC request is received through this app, Customer Care Executive from Elica PB India Private Limited will call the Customer and explain the modus operandi to sign the AMC/ACC.AMC and ACC Services ensure that the Product is functioning to its Optimum Performance. This request could be either emailed or SMS to Elica PB India Private Limited via this app.

-Through Complaint tab Customer can send his Product Complaint directly to Elica PB India Private Limited. He may also take Picture of the nature of Complaint through this app. After the Complaint is received through this app, Customer Care Executive from Elica PB India Private Limited will call the Customer to fix up and appointment for resolution of the Complaint in the Product. Customer can choose to send this request either by email or SMS to Elica PB India Private Limited via this app.
Product Feedback
-Customer can give his/her valuable Feedback about the Services or Products provided by Elica PB India Private Limited. These valuable Feedbacks are vital for the Company to improve Products/Services and to meet Customer Requirements.

Install Elica Aasaan app to stay connected directly with the Elica PB India Private Limited and avail Services without delay in time.
Know more about Elica PB India Private Limited click on: http://www.elicaindia.com

Turn On Silence in your Kitchen with Elica Split Kitchen Chimneys


Your kitchen is the place where odours , flavours and taste mingle together with the family tradition of cooking and the pleasure of sharing a meal together.

Considering our Indian cooking habits which involve oily tadkas, spices & strong flavours & aromas, Kitchen Chimney has become a vital part of every Indian kitchen. Kitchen chimneys remove out all the oil, grease, odours & smoke generated during cooking. While handling this job the kitchen chimneys make kitchen a noisy place.

Kitchen chimneys have a motor & rotors which create this noise .Noise – an unwanted , unpleasant , loud sound, as described by lexicons has increased to such an extent that the need to name it as pollution was felt. Noise generated from Kitchen chimney  is very intrusive and at times we are forced to switch off the Chimney and bear the smoke and unpleasant odors in the kitchen.

Thanks to Elica’s innovative thinking to introduce Split Kitchen Chimneys with external motor technology for the first time in India. In Elica’s innovative split kitchen Chimney’s  the motor is installed outside the house hence compared to the same model of kitchen Chimney  with internal motor there is drastic reduction in perceived noise level and improvement in suction.

Since the motor is placed outside the house the maintenance is reduced . The noise that you hear in the kitchen is the air movement noise which is not disturbing to the human ear. With Split kitchen Chimney’s    your kitchen is free of unwanted noise and odours thus making it a perfect place to meet , entertain and dine with your loved ones.

Elica’s Split kitchen Chimney’s  are available in various designs ,aesthetics & material with user friendly controls.

Turn on Silence with Elica’s Split kitchen Chimney’s  . For more details pl. click http://elicaindia.com/product-showcase/kitchen-hoods


Energy efficient cooking appliances need of Indian kitchen

Builtin Hobs

Around the world there are many styles of cooking but where are the best chefs, the answer is India – the land that loves to cook.

From the snow covered Himalayas to the tropical rain forests of Kerala & the deserts of Rajasthan to the Bay of Bengal, India is a land of Diverse tastes. Textures, Colors, Flavors, aroma’s are the real secret of Indian cooking. Cooking is a more passionate part of Indian life style.

Indian cooking involves spices & oily tadka’s . To handle such diverse cooking habits you need the right Built in Hobs specially designed for Indian Cooking. Indian cooking is very peculiar where the temperature of oil is very important to make a perfect Tadka. To make a perfect Roti / Phulka/ Paratha requires the right temperature and right flame. Although Built in Hobs got a good revolution in Indian kitchen, but the European Burners used in Hobs cannot satisfy the need of Indian cooking.

Elica’s Multi flame Control (MFC) Brass Burner Hobs & MFC Plus Hobs with QJC technology are specially designed for diverse Indian Cooking Cultures. All Elica MFC & MFC Plus with QJC technology hobs cook food rapidly, have lifelong Brass Burners with Multi Flame controls and moreover are LPG efficient.

Elica has a wide range of Built-In-Hobs to choose from to suit diverse Indian cooking cultures with different burner configurations to adapt your cooking utensils.

For more details click here http://elicaindia.com/product-showcase/built-in-hobs.

Elica Hobs designed for people who love to Cook.

Elica MFC Plus Built in Hobs with QJC

Elica Introduces MFC Plus built in Hobs with QJC . QJC burners have 5 jets to give even and Blue flame. Burner . Burners are multi flame control that is the flame in inner burner can be controlled on sim and high position and the flame on the outer burner can be also controlled similarly, this gives better control of flame to prepare tadka & to cook on simm

MFC Plus

Elica MFC Plus Built in Hobs with QJC

er on the same burner. MFC plus Built in hobs have both Large and Medium burners with 5 jets-QJC, Large burner has 4.5 KW & Medium has 3.8 KW Wattage. All MFC plus hobs have Multi Flame control and have long lasting Brass Anodized Black Burners, Cast Iron grids and Radio control knobs to give a professional & attractive look. MFC Plus built in Hobs with QJC are designed to suit Indian cooking. Indian cooking is very peculiar where the temperature of oil is very important to make a perfect Tadka. Also to make a perfect Roti / Phulka/ Paratha/ Dosa requires right temperature and right flame, MFC plus built in hobs offer you the perfect flame control for all your cooking needs. MFC Plus burners are highly energy efficient and cook rapidly. All MFC plus built in hobs carry a warranty of one year. MFC plus range of Hobs are available in Black / White tempered glass and in 3 / 4/ 5 Burner combination.

Elica Induction Cooktop – EPBI-E3: Cooking Innovation

The latest cooking  popularity has been getting the limelight even though the technology has been around for decades. Thanks to the demand driven market, induction Cooktops are available in a variety of price ranges with varied features. As a result, many eminent technology names have begun making induction Cooktop ranges to meet the customers’ interests.

Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktop

Elica’s Latest Offering…
To meet the increasing demand of Cooktops, Elica India brings you a new series of induction cooktop. Made with latest and advanced technology, these induction Cooktops make your cooking more faster, efficient, cleaner and safe too. Equipped with the Multifunction ability of different Indian recipes like Roti, Idli, Dosa, Stir fry, Gravy, boiling water, milk and many more, these Cooktops are faster than gas or radiant Cooktops, with the advantage of quick and easy cleanup.

Available in fine black glass finish with touch keys, the marvelous EPBI-E3 has an excellent dimension (WxDxH); 285x350x60 mm. Talking about the cooktop controls, it is a fully-touch equipment with cool to touch surface. It clearly means it is quite safe to use anywhere. Being suitable for all kinds of Indian cooking including 6 preset menus for different Indian recipes, Elica  EPBI-E3 starts quickly and has an auto off function. With remarkable safety and portable features, this cooking device is comfortable to use with smoke free cooking. What more? All new Elica EPBI-E3 is energy efficient and uses upto 2100Wfor fast cooking. Just set your cooking time between 0 to 120 minutes and just feel free to serve your guests on time. Cooking has been never so easy. On the launch of this mesmerizing induction cooktop, you get one year replacement warranty. So, why wait? Grab your cooking range today.

Popularity on its Heights
With a  number of mesmerizing features such as energy efficient, appealing technology and accuracy in cooking, induction ranges are winning raves from acknowledged chefs to even amateurs alike. On the backdrop of the above mentioned affirmative factors, induction can be called the next big thing in your kitchen. This small kitchen utility can change the way cook and delivers your culinary art. The experience would never be same again.

So, why wait? Buy your own induction Cooktop today and keep sharpening your culinary expertise.

Elica launches the Bianco range of kitchen appliances in India

White is a colour that features first on any designer’s palette; a colour with a myriad of hues and connotations. Now imagine a kitchen that’s in all white – clean, classy and chic. White décor and appliances in a kitchen add to the flow of the space, especially in a small kitchen. And additionally, the reflective properties of white appliances help make a space appear lighter and roomier.


kitchen hoodsAn all white kitchen immediately brings to mind a picture of being uncluttered, unfussy and un-chaotic. While designers have attempted a wide range of designs, styles and colours, an all white kitchen though most coveted for a vintage or retro feel, is often the most difficult to achieve. And this is usually because not all kitchen appliances come in white, especially the kitchen hob and kitchen hood. Which is why, Elica has now in India, launched the Bianco Series of built-in hobs and kitchen hoods. Bianco in Italian means white, the colour of divinity, wisdom, serenity, innocence and symbolises cleanliness.


The Bianco series of kitchen hoods has advanced feather touch controls and clean linear lines and the Bianco hobs are designed using white tempered glass and is available with multi-function anodized black brass or European burners and radio control knobs.


While the Elica collection of kitchen appliances leaves no stone unturned in pushing the boundaries of design or in revolutionizing the concept of what a kitchen hood and built-in-hob should do, they are a class apart in terms of aesthetics and performance. Elica’s Bianco range of kitchen appliances creates a stunning, futuristic look for modern homes.


Truly fans the flames of creativity and provides a breath of fresh air in form and function.

2,000,000 Cooker Hoods and Still Going…

As the year bids us adieu, it leaves us with a milestone to rejoice. Elica America made a remarkable breakthrough by turning out the 2 millionth product, a cooker hood (also known as kitchen hood), this year. It was in November that this benchmark of the year was achieved and it was 60 cm MABE brand kitchen hood.

Here’s a glance at the US market achievements of Elica so far:

  • It was in August, 2006 when Elica America was making 240 Midline for General Electric and closed the year with 15,089 cooker hoods.
  • In 2007, 35,000 decorative hoods were delivered to The Home Depot USA within 6 weeks. End of the year a total of 75,000 hoods were produced. Along with GE and THD, other 3 big players that were approached were MABE, Electrolux and BOSCH.
  • 2008 witnessed 290,000 kitchen hoods being produced, along with the launch of new decorative products.
  • The year 2009 registered a total of 291,000 cooker hoods with a 10% increase in market. And production also kicked off for Whirlpool.
  • The 1,000,000th mark in kitchen hoods was achieved in the year 2010, with a total produce of 340,000 hoods.
  • OPALE a new product on the block was devised, which was both modern and simple and took the American markets by storm. Thus pushing Elica America to number 1 position. It was in this year 2011 that 95,000 hoods were produced.
  • And finally 2012 when the two millionth mark of cooker hoods was achieved. And basis the forecast will close at 570,000 pieces this year.

Looking up at the passion and hard work of our counter parts in America, Elica India is both proud and determined for more success in times to come.